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Taikoo Place Insiders: Natalie Leung of Swire Properties


With new architecturally stunning buildings, green spaces and soaring walkways transforming the physical landscape we share, it’s easy to feel the excitement of working in Taikoo Place - A Great Place To Be. And alongside the physical changes, Taikoo Place is getting a major makeover in the virtual world too, with a brand new Taikoo Place app that connects all our community’s amazing amenities and activities in one super-convenient portal. Natalie Leung, Swire Properties Senior Manager, Portfolio, takes us “under the hood” for a look–and gives us some tips on how to connect like a Taikoo Place pro.

We’re excited about the new digital and physical redevelopments happening across Taikoo Place. What will make it A Greater Place to Be?

Since the pandemic started, the boundary lines of work and play are blurring. People are looking at their work-life balance in a different way, with community and social connections becoming more important priorities.

Architects, designers, and property developers see this as a watershed moment to reimagine the office as a desirable destination, worth the commute.

It’s an exciting moment, and Swire Properties is embracing the change with creativity. We want to make well-designed physical spaces for our people to work, play and make real connections with others. We also want to cultivate community by creating engaging events, and arts and cultural programmes. We’re working on innovative ways to delight, enlighten, and bring our community together, so that Taikoo Place becomes an even Greater Place to be.

“We’re working on innovative ways to delight, enlighten, and bring our community together, so that Taikoo Place becomes an even Greater Place to be.”

Can you tell us how and why the project for the new Taikoo Place app came about?

Taikoo Place offers some high performance office premises and an array of amazing amenities and experiences. There are so many places and opportunities to eat, drink, shop and play, it’s often hard to keep track! We wanted to find a way to pull it all together in one place, and that was the impetus for the new app. The Taikoo Place app will be the “single-touch point” guide for our tenants, a convenient way to access all the exciting happenings, spaces, and experiences in the neighbourhood.

We’re really excited about the ways the app will make life at Taikoo Place more convenient and connected. Here are just a few of the things you’ll be able to do:
● Check restaurant availability and instant booking at our table service restaurants
● Pre-order food and arrange pickup from F&B partners
● Book a doctor’s appointment or book a fitness class from our wellness services partners
● Book meeting rooms operated by our flexible space operators

Was it difficult to create an app that can do so many things?

We have a really strong digital team, so building the app actually was a breeze! We also received overwhelming support for the platform from our amenities partners.

Speaking of an app that can do lots of things, what is your favourite “secret tip” for using the new Taikoo Place app? Can you tell us about some of the useful functions that might not be obvious to the user at first glance?

My favourite feature is the aggregate restaurant booking function where you can check current reservation availability in Taikoo Place restaurants, all on a single page. You don’t have to call up multiple restaurants anymore to make bookings! 

You started working in Taikoo Place in 2010. How has it changed?

It’s amazing to see how this district has transformed over the years. It’s bustling with energy! I oversaw the redevelopment of three industrial buildings into two shiny Grade A office buildings and a stunning landscaped garden. And there’s much more to come as we shape Taikoo Place into a global business district – check out the exhibition “INSIDE: A GREAT PLACE TO BE" for details! 

Imagine you could design, from scratch, a balanced and healthy and happy workplace community. What would it look like?

It would be a well-designed space in which office workers are able to accomplish productive work while contributing to something important, something greater than themselves. And this space would also serve as a sanctuary where you can relax, be entertained and inspired and feel connected to a wider community. 

“There’s much more to come as we shape Taikoo Place into a global business district.”

We hear there are going to be more green spaces in the neighbourhood. Perfect for a picnic during lunch. What would be your ideal picnic spread?

Spicy garlic hummus. And a bottle of good pinot noir (for the early Friday happy hour celebrations!) 

FOMO no more! You can keep track of everything that’s going on in our Taikoo Place community with the brand new Taikoo Place app–now featuring restaurant bookings, doctor’s appointments, and meeting room reservations. Download it today and keep yourself connected. Available in Android and iOS versions in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.
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