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Good Vibes Only: A Positive Way To Work


Imagine a workplace that felt like a relaxed haven. Somewhere that productivity and happiness coexist and where work-life balance is prioritised every day. Imagine a workplace that embraces the power of leisure, with activities that promote staff morale, team bonding and stress reduction. Sounds great, if a little far-fetched, right?

Think again. For mindful companies like FWD and placemakers like Taikoo Place, the future of workplace wellness is already here. Ensuring good vibes in the workplace is a serious business and the smartest organisations are waking up to the fact that wellbeing is key. We take a look at some of the initiatives that prioritise positivity at work and chat to a team leader reaping the benefits of an uplifting office culture.

Mindful Music

Did you know that there are proven health benefits to incorporating music into your daily life? According to a survey conducted by the British Academy of Sound Therapy, 95% of respondents reported that music helped improve their mood and reduce stress. Meanwhile, research by Harvard Health concluded that music both enhances cognitive abilities and elevates dopamine levels.

The PROJECT AFTER 6: Good Vibes Only Music Festival 2023 taps into these benefits with a series of lunchtime performances on the first floor of Dorset House and ground floor of One Island East this summer. Featuring local musicians, the festival harnesses the power of music to transport audience members to a world of creativity and inspiration, offering the perfect mid-day pick-me-up for a productive and relaxed afternoon.

Work and Play

Multinational insurance company FWD’s largest team, ACT, spans the entire 14th floor of Devon House. The team’s motto is “dare to be different”, and this is certainly reflected in their approach to workplace wellbeing. “What is important to us is not only work-related training, but a healthy and positive work environment,” says Chik Wing Keung, Chief Regional Director. “We have a space that everyone likes to work in, so our team bonds well in both work and play and we grow together. These positive vibes make personal growth possible.”

“These positive vibes make personal growth possible.”
Chik Wing Keung, Chief Regional Director, FWD

This work-play hybrid model is supported by a dazzling array of activities and facilities. Featuring a gym corner, ping-pong table and even a Wing Chun practice dummy, sporting activities are fully embraced as part of the working day. They even host a private weekly fitness session with stretching and weight training for ACT team members, as well as anyone else who works in Taikoo Place – all they ask for is a pay-as-you-want donation to charity. Other forms of downtime are also prioritised in the form of a gaming console, happy hour station, claw machine and regular movie and karaoke nights, helping the team to commit to one of the company’s mission statements –“celebrate living” – every day.

The nature cure

Another proven contributor to positive wellbeing is nature. A 2019 study from the University of Michigan found that just 20 minutes spent in greenery significantly reduces levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. With raised cortisol levels responsible for health issues including sleep disturbances, digestive issues and impaired immune function, a daily dose of nature may be just the cure for workplace stress.

The Loop at One Island East provides the ideal opportunity to shake off your worries. Hong Kong’s highest urban farm has a range of workshops for Taikoo Place’s office executives who crave time in the natural world. Learn how to grow your own organic vegetables and kitchen herbs, or get crafty with soap-making and lip balm-making workshops. Feel your shoulders drop and your jaw unclench as you soak up the healing power of nature.

From gaming to gardening, music to movement, there are so many different ways to incorporate wellness into our daily lives, so make sure you take a moment to find good vibes in the working day.
Workshops at The Loop at One Island East are open to Taikoo Place office tenants. If your company is interested, email us here.
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