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The Loop spotlights sustainability


by Arthur Tam

Some of us might be curious about what’s happening at the space tucked below Devon House. Is it an art display? A garden? It’s actually much more than that. As part of our Talking Points series, we’re here to let you know all about the latest new developments going on at Taikoo Place and how it affects you.

The space is called The Loop, and it’s a new sustainable-development exhibition centre housing an eco-art installation, convenient recycling facilities and a charming herb garden. The Loop, referencing the recycling phrase “close the loop”, is the latest of Swire Properties’ efforts to build community-wide environmental awareness and sustainability. Here’s what you’ll find in the space:

Recycle batteries, toner cartridges and more
Hong Kong does not make it very convenient to recycle, so a lot of people casually throw all their waste into the office bins. But now you can head down to The Loop, which provides bins for seven categories of waste: plastic, paper, glass, batteries, light bulbs, aluminium and toner cartridges/e-waste. There is also a waste compactor and food waste composter that converts food waste collected from tenants into soil conditioner.

One man’s trash is another man’s art

In collaboration with the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation, The Loop features a collage wall made from electronic components such as tubing, keyboards and circuitry. It’s a mesmerising art piece that shows that trash really can be turned into treasure.

Garden variety

In collaboration with Rooftop Republic – a social enterprise dedicated to urban farming – The Loop has grown a garden of fresh herbs including Italian basil, rosemary and mint. These organic herbs will be harvested and used by tenant restaurants around Taikoo Place, capturing the spirit of farm-to-table.

Showcase of green possibilities

The Loop features an exhibition on One Taikoo Place and Two Taikoo Place buildings, which are currently under construction. Visitors can learn about their features that minimise the consumption of energy and other resources. These green facilities will be able to harvest rainwater, convert grey water for reuse, utilise solar energy with rooftop panels, reduce heat with natural ventilation and convert cooking oil into biodiesel. On top of that, both buildings will have rooftop gardens.

Address: G/F Devon House, Taikoo Place
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday during Taikoo Place office hours.
Tours are available upon request.

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