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Meet Taikoo Place’s Super Mums


Being a mum is a full-time job on its own – now imagine being a working mum! To celebrate Mother’s Day this month, we talk to five superwomen from the Taikoo Place community on their challenging yet rewarding journeys, and the lessons they’ve learnt from motherhood.

Jade Chan - “It’s a challenge – but I have support.”

Associate Director, Health Solutions at Aon and mum to two-year-old Ellie and a soon-to-be-born baby girl

“I’m feeling much less nervous about having another baby now as I’ve got experience and support from my family. That said, it’s still going to be challenging to raise two kids while having a full-time job. Thankfully, our company allows us to work from home, and even when we’re back in the office, there are fully equipped nursing rooms for breastfeeding mothers. I’ve also adopted new time management strategies since Ellie was born: I schedule meetings or tasks that require focus when she’s sleeping, and simpler tasks when she is up and about. Right now, I’m most concerned about guiding Ellie to understand that we still love her just as much even when her sister arrives. I hope they will get along and grow up to be healthy, independent individuals!”

Wendy Ennis - “Modelling behaviours for my child is important.”

Head of FCC at Mox Bank and mum to four-year-old Olivia

“The joy of being a mum, for me, comes from modelling the behaviours that I want my child to do, and then seeing her put them in practice. One thing that I want her to always remember is to take care of herself, and I model this by prioritising me-time. While I spend time with her every day, even if it’s just having meals together or bedtime stories, she understands that mummy has other important things in life too. On top of a demanding job and schoolwork (I’ve just started a master’s degree), I also fit in time for friends and exercise. It’s about finding a balance, and the moments I feel guilty about prioritising time for myself, I remind myself that I have a little girl who’s watching and learning from me.”

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Jovy Wong - “Raising a child and professional development are similar.”

Asia-Pacific Talent Development Leader at EY and mum to nine-year-old Ashley

“There are many similarities between raising a child and developing people professionally – both require active listening to observe what their needs are. It’s not about what I want for my daughter, but more about letting her try different things and then decide for herself. She once came home telling me that she wanted to join the school’s debate team. I was secretly excited about this, but I kept calm at first to avoid putting pressure on her. Instead, I listened to her and asked questions that guided her to articulate why she wanted it. She then asked for my advice, before spending the next few days preparing for the interview and eventually getting into the team. This process helped her develop a sense of accountability and ownership, which are qualities that will help her in life.”

Kathryn Tschumper - “We make the best out of every situation.”

Director of Business Development, Marketing & Communications at Baker McKenzie and mum to nine-year-old Chiara

“Whether it’s at home or at work, things don’t always go as planned, so I think it’s important to be able to laugh and make the best of every situation. My schedule can sometimes be unstable, but my daughter and I have learnt to be flexible and have moments of connection on a daily basis – I always come home to little notes or drawings from her! Chiara’s favourite thing is story time, so if I can’t do the story in the evening, then I’m going to wake up earlier to get it in the morning. The key is to understand what our child needs and wants, have open communication, and be grateful for what we get.”

Moni Leung - “I’m taking a step back to let her explore.”

Senior Digital Designer at Cedar Hong Kong and mum to 12-year-old Sophie

“When Sophie was younger, I was more hands-on in teaching her essential life skills. Now that she’s started secondary school, I’m taking a step back to let her explore her passion. Last year, she started creating K-pop fan art and accessories and sharing them online. She wasn’t very confident about her creations at first, but I encouraged her to simply enjoy the process and send them to other fans as gifts. She ended up growing her Instagram following to over 1,000, which motivated her to start selling her works online and at a pop-up market. I’ve taken on a supportive role on her journey: making accessories together, offering advice when she asks, and just being there for her. It’s been an eye-opening experience for me, too – one that has brought us closer than ever.”

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