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Hong Kong-Based Subscription Boxes for Everyone

No matter your interest, there’s a lifestyle subscription box that offers a new way for you to dedicate something special to yourself – be it some R&R, a gourmet treat, or even time shared with loved ones. Unbox a surprise soon with our list of Hong Kong subscription services below.

Gin Discovery Kit for the Spirit Aficionado: The Bottle Shop

Do you have a favourite gin? Or maybe you’re in search of the best gin for gin and tonic. No matter what your preference is, this three-month gin subscription box will introduce you to notable gins distilled from around the world. Each month, receive five 50ml bottles of gin featuring exceptional flavours like the pine and forests of the American West Coast, bright fruits and botanicals from Australasia, and herbs of the Mediterranean. Each bottle comes with an ingredient list and description, and even a tip for the perfect garnish. You’ll be a connoisseur in no time – if you’re not one already!

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Cheese Selections for the Great Gourmand: The Cheese Club

Cheese plates make for an easy-to-assemble yet impressive centrepiece, both visually and flavour-wise. But if you’re looking to graduate from the amateur brie and camembert, then sign up for The Cheese Club for a monthly delivery of a choice from up to 50 premium cheeses. By entering your preferred cheese choice and quantity, you’ll join a bulk purchase system with other members, resulting in a curated cheese box for yourself. Each variety of cheese is sourced from selected (and even award-winning) cheesemongers from western Europe, and better still, is offered at prices nearly 50% lower than that at local grocers.

Artisanal Coffee Beans for the Coffeeholic: BeanCurious Bean Subscription

If coffee is your daily tonic, then this bean delivery service will become your new weekly addiction. Discover new brews with BeanCurious’ subscription service of roasted artisanal coffee beans from Africa, Asia Pacific and South America. Start off by selecting a preferred light or dark roast – or give rein to BeanCurious with the balanced, “omakase-style” Roaster’s Choice. But don’t just limit them to perking up your work day; hone your barista skills by holding a cupping session at home. Beans range from single origin to rare beans and organic, and arrive every Friday, with the coffee origin changing every four weeks.

STEM Projects for the Creative Family: STEM Toy Box by Mochy

Quality time has never been more fun with this family subscription box! Every month, kids can look forward to a learning pack created to broaden their horizons in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) in a hands-on, entertaining and fun way. Little explorers aged 2-3 will receive a sensory craft kit that allows them to gain development skills such as sorting, counting and matching, while older children aged 8-11 will receive the tools to create their own simple science, technology, robotics or engineering project. Encourage growth and curiosity while building a stronger bond with the rest of your little family – literally!

Dog Treats for the Pet Parent: Buddy Box by Vetopia

They’re our best friends, so it makes perfect sense to sign them up for a treat, too. The Buddy Box arrives monthly, filled with premium items for your puppers of any breed or size – just choose the suitable box size at the start of your subscription. You can also personalise the box with preferences and any allergies in the profile, too. Then look forward to all the excited tail wags as you reward Fido with a selection of natural chews and snacks, share playtime with new toys, and try out new pet accessories and grooming products on the best doggy in town.

Self-Care For the Busy Bee: JENG! Box

We’ve been hearing more and more about the importance of self-care. Unfortunately, we Hongkongers aren’t very good at prioritising it – yet! Set yourself a monthly reminder by committing to this all-in-one box of wellness goodies. Each month, the JENG! Box provides a little something to take care of everything: to eat, to drink, to stimulate your brain, and of course, to pamper yourself. These boxes feature healthy and mindful products from both local and international brands, that range from skincare to gadgets, to accessories and drinks, allowing you to discover the brands that fit your own journey to self-care and wellness.
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