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Savour the hot summer days with these cool treats

Yes, there’s an upside to our hot, sticky summer. As the temperatures soar, so do our cravings for cold, light, and easy summer dishes–and of course desserts. Our Taikoo neighbourhood has everything you need to lift your spirits–and palate–after a slog through the Hong Kong steambox. And it’s all just a few convenient steps from the office!

Lady M

Of course you already know the elegant mille-feuille cakes made by this famous New York-based bakery. But did you know that Lady M changes up its offerings to match the seasons? This summer’s special creation is a Green Apple Mousse cake. Fruity and light in texture, it begins with a base of mascarpone cream cake, followed by layers of green apple mousse, apple jelly and fresh green apple cubes. The seasonal crowd -pleaser is sure to bring a cool breeze to that office gathering or birthday dinner.

KIN Food Halls

Now there’s yet another great reason to head over to KIN Food Halls at Taikoo Place. This summer they’re featuring cold, creamy vegan soft-serve from Matchali! Made with the brand’s signature ceremonial grade matcha from Kyoto, Oatly oat milk, and a whisper of raw cane sugar, the frozen treat is vegan-friendly, tasty and healthy too. Enjoy yours in a cup or vegan cone (or if you can’t resist–who can? – order a soft-serve sundae!). August may begin to feel, just a little, like January.


The just-opened Japanese fusion restaurant Sensu has a few special items on the menu exclusive to the Taikoo Place branch – including this very chill drink called Indigo. Prepared with jellies of infused lemon and blue pea flowers, pear syrup, watermelon and coconut water, the concoction is a double cooler: it’s brisk and refreshing, and it also contains ingredients that will clear out your “yit hei” (inner heat), according to Chinese traditional practice.


The key to staying cool in extreme heat is hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Leafy greens contain 80-95 percent water, so switching your lunch routine to include more fresh veggies is the sensible move: you’ll beat the heat (and your body will thank you for the extra vitamins and minerals). Our favourite way to “salad up” in the summer is at SaladStop!. At this time of year, we really appreciate their “Create Your Own” salad option, which lets you customise your own Beat the Heat special from SaladStop!’s list of 60 ingredients and 20 dressings. Go big on the lettuce, shredded cabbage, baby spinach and rocket, then top it off with cool and crunchy veggie choices like cucumber, capsicum or edamame. Add a hit of protein in the form of salmon, egg, tofu or chicken, and you’ll be well-hydrated, nourished, and ready to face the hottest of Hong Kong summer days.


Just because the temperature is climbing doesn’t mean you have to give up your noodle habit. In Japan, where the summers can be as brutal as Hong Kong’s, they’ve perfected the culinary art of the summer cold noodle dish. If that’s what you’re craving, then head to Shugetsu, the Taikoo area restaurant famous for its Shikoku-style tsukemen – dry noodles served with a deeply flavourful dipping broth on the side. Customisation is the name of the game here: choose warm or cold noodles, regular, Kurobuta pork belly or spicy broth, and add extra toppings like scallion, eggs or seaweed. Grab some cool, chewy noodles, dip, slurp, repeat – yum!
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