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Visible Beauty: POLA Beauty launches B.A Eye Zone Cream at ArtisTree


Since 1929, prestigious Japanese beauty brand POLA has been introducing innovations in skincare to beauty lovers around the world. And on 5 November, the new B.A Eye Zone Cream was introduced to Hong Kong at ArtisTree.

“Art is at the base of every product we develop,” says POLA General Manager Melody Chow. Therefore, there was much more to this occasion than a simple product launch: ArtisTree took the form of a floral wonderland with the accompanying “Discover the Root of Beauty” art exhibition, organised by POLA Hong Kong with event concept by POLA Hong Kong & SMS Group.

At the entrance, visitors were welcomed by a large-scale floral art projection; beautiful and stately, the “visible” 3D stereographic artwork was designed by floral artist Azuma Makoto. “This piece allows visitors to ‘see’ beauty, and to recognise the importance of having a strong ‘root’ in order to achieve true beauty,” says Chow. “This is what helped us develop the message for our new Eye Cream, that underneath visible beauty, we need to first have a strong foundation.”

“We chose flowers, because it’s undeniable that they are a thing of beauty in nature,” she continues. “Your skin, too, is like a flower; it is a natural work of art.”

Visitors then continued through other exhibition areas, which included the Floral Scene, the Floral Dance short film, and finally, a secluded section that allowed them to try the B.A Eye Zone Cream firsthand.

Art has always been the core inspiration for POLA – its late founder Suzuki Tsuneshi was an avid art collector, which led to the establishment of the POLA Art Foundation and the POLA Museum of Art in Hakone, Japan. “We believe that true beauty comes from the inside,” says Chow. “And art is able to encourage that from within you to make you more even beautiful on the outside.”

A shared commitment to the arts is what led POLA to choosing ArtisTree as the venue for this event. “ArtisTree embraces innovative artforms and its location is convenient for our guests,” says Chow. “When I saw the space and how it could adapt to suit our exhibition, we didn’t need to consider any other venue.”

For this launch, POLA also partners with Orbis International. “We chose to partner with Orbis International because we believe that everyone has the right to ‘see’ natural beauty. We really respect what Orbis do to support the visually impaired.” says Chow.

The event’s VIP guests included Cantopop star Sammi Cheng, socialite Emily Lam, and makeup artist Elva Ni, all of whom Chow calls the ultimate POLA women. For visitors of the innovative launch, Chow hopes they are able to have a new appreciation of the true meaning of natural beauty, and most of all, “I hope they will leave with a beautiful memory!”

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