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Dyson launches its virally popular Airwrap™ at ArtisTree


The international beauty world has been abuzz since Dyson started dropping hints about its latest product, the Dyson Airwrap™, which promises to curl and straighten your hair with cutting-edge technology. The company recently made its stop in Hong Kong with a three-day series of events at ArtisTree, where the city’s media, influencers and beauty aficionados got a first look at the styler. 

For the Dyson Airwrap™ launch in Hong Kong, ArtisTree was transformed into a venue that could accommodate a stage, an exhibition area and a salon setting for hands-on demonstrations.

Each day began with a multimedia presentation supported by a huge LED screen on an elevated stage. While video footage played in the background, an engineer explained to a seated audience how the Airwrap™ uses a digital motor that spins an astounding 110,000 times a minute, creating a vortex that attracts, wraps and curls hair. The product is designed so minimal heat is needed, preventing damage to the hair. Brush attachments will also straighten and dry hair.

Celebrity hairstylist Jon Reyman then demostrated how to create different curly and straight hairstyles with the Airwrap™ on models on stage. “As the hair is setting, the airflow is wrapping it around so I’m not even getting friction from that,” he said as the Airwrap™ whirred. “The beautiful thing is the heat that comes from this will never cause catastrophic damage to the hair.”

Next, the audience headed to an adjacent area hosting several stations, each showcasing the research or technology that went into the product’s design. A small contraption pulled at strands of hair to show that healthy hair has more tensile strength and that it also better resisted moisture. Other setups revealed the mechanism of airflow and various prototypes the company went through in developing the Airwrap™.

And in the innermost area, stylists provided guidance as visitors tried out the Airwrap™ for themselves in front of salon mirrors. “Hong Kong gets fashion and beauty and has sophisticated consumers,” said Tom Moody, Dyson’s head of communications for Greater China. Dyson remains open-minded as it revolutionises hairstyling techniques one region at a time. “In designing the product, versatility was very important to us,” said Moody. “Beachy waves have been a big trend in the past few years, but the smooth look that curves in is popular in Asia right now and it plays naturally to Asian hair types.” The styler is already a sensation around the world, and Hong Kong will likely be no exception.

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