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5 Office workouts to beat the blues

Office workouts may seem awkward but if you’re trying to watch out for your health, the slight embarrassment is worth it. According to health experts, sitting is the new smoking, and the remedy is moving for at least one minute every 30 minutes or so. We’ve asked Pure Fitness trainer Ben Chuang to come up with five easy exercises you can do at the office. 

Meeting room chair dips

When you’re early for a meeting and no one has arrived yet, take 30 seconds and do some dips to work those triceps. That quick boost of endorphins is just what you need to stay sharp and sound clever at the meeting.

Take a simple office chair and start in a sitting position. Keep your arms straight and grasp the edge of the chair. Then slowly move your bum off of it while being level with the seat like you’re sitting on an invisible chair. Keep your legs bent, keep your chest up and start bending your elbows until it gets close to the height of your shoulders. Then, push up using those tricep muscles. Do eight to 10 reps.

The one-hand push up to stimulate creativity

Feeling stuck? Do some one arm, leaning push-ups for stimulation, while showing off your strength to your colleagues.

Put your hands against a counter (doesn’t matter what height, but the difficulty will vary) while keeping your arms straight. Spread your legs shoulder-width apart and balance on your toes. Then, slowly bend your elbows like you would a regular push up until they are almost parallel to your shoulders. To increase difficulty, use only one arm and do this for 20 reps on each arm.

The telephone squat

If you're caught on a long call or stuck on hold, take advantage of this time and do some squats.

Keep your legs shoulder-width apart, chest up, arms straight and balance your weight on your heels. Then push your butt back, keep your back straight and bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor. When you come back up, make sure to squeeze those butt cheeks. Inhale when going down, exhale when coming up. Do this for 30 reps.

Plank for your snacks

Before you hit the snack table, do some planks to counteract the calories you are about to consume. Planks are a great workout for your core, general stability and balance.

Take a chair (if it has wheels be careful and make sure you can maintain stability) and place your forearms on it and make sure your elbow is in line with your shoulder. In plank pose, round your back and squeeze your butt to engage your core. Hold this position for one minute.

Crunch while you wait

Has your laptop crashed? While you're waiting for it to restart, do some quick crunches and work those abs for a stronger core and a beach-ready body.

Take a bench and grab the underside with your hands until you are securely in place. Round your back a little and start in a fetal position. Then extend your legs out and at the same time tightening your abs and keeping your chest up. Do this for 15 reps.

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Special thanks to PURE trainer Ben Chuang
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