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Office makeover: we gave two Taikoo Place professionals edgy, new looks


Looking smart and sharp doesn't mean you have to adhere to boring clothing. There are more than a few ways to look cool while maintaining a sense of business professionalism. To show you how, we've chosen cast members from this year's PROJECT AFTER 6: Cube Culture to join us in an impromptu makeover session.

Natalie Ki

Natalie is a junior marketing professional in property development. Her hobbies include hip-hop dancing, singing and tasting all the latest food trends. Her usual uniform consists of uninteresting blouses and pants with ballerina flats.

Simon Leung

Simon is a designer, who recently left a position at an architecture company to start up his own interior design firm. His interests include busking, water sports and lame dad jokes. His usual uniform is a t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

Colour Blast

There is a misconception that office workers should wear black, blue and grey in order to look serious, important and professional. If anything, adhering to social norms makes look more like a follower than a leader. Don’t be a sheep, standout with a splash of colour. A forest green suit with a splash of pink adds the right pop and contrast to Simon's new tan and the yellow turtleneck give Natalie much more presence and maturity than her own blouse.

Fit Perfect

Take advantage of your body type. Simon is tall and thin, which is perfect for a double-breasted suit. The fit is usually unforgiving for those of us with a bit of a beer belly, but if you’re on the thin like he is, set yourself apart with dashing James Bond-esque cut.

Natalie likes wearing wide-pants, so we chose a pair that has a built-in belt to synch her waist to give her a bit more shape. The additional flap adds a skirt-like illusion, which adds an effortlessness and flow when she walks.

Formal meets casual

As much as we love a good tie, they are falling by the wayside in fashion. Men just have less time for them and their inherent constraints can be suffocating during long work hours. So, we’ve decided to dress Simon in a textured blue shirt that’s a bit oversized for a je ne sais quoi look that can stand on its own. Instead of buttoning it up all the way, we’ve decided to give a sense of playfulness by wrapping it for a kimono-like shape. He still looks smart and sophisticated, but has an air of approachability.

Rompers are all the rage these days, but they might be a tad too casual for the workplace, so we threw an oversized blazer over Natalie to give her a dressy, punk rock look. She looks young, edgy and inspires confidence and forward thinking.

Best foot forward

There is no beating a pair of stilettos when it comes to lengthening your legs, but walking around in them is a tad inhumane considering Hong Kong's hilly landscape and wet climate. So, whether it's for men or women a pair of loafers is a good addition to have in your wardrobe. It's easy to wear and comfortable while maintaining a level of class. And even more comfortable are a pair of canvas shoes, which on many occasions looks even more refreshing and stylish with formal wear.

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Special thanks to Taikoo Place’s ArtisTree and Blueprint for the amazing venues.

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