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Your office emergency kit: be prepared with our list of essentials


We’ve all been there. You ask around in the office for something you need immediately – painkillers, for example – only to be turned down by your colleagues one after another. It pays to be prepared, so we’ve compiled a list of items that you should keep in the office for all those everyday emergencies.

It’s freezing in the office and there is no way to control the central air-conditioning. The only thing you can do is fend for yourself and bundle up.

A torch comes in handy for dark storage rooms or searching for things under your desk. You’ll also be happy to have one in the rare case of a power outage.

Glasses/contact lenses
Always keep a spare because you never know if your contact lenses are going to pop out. You don’t want to go the rest of the day half blind.

Dental floss
Having bok choy stuck in your teeth is not a good look, and neither is picking it out with your fingers. Use the floss.

Blemishes can really ruin your confidence. The concealer in your drawer makes touching up easy.

White flower oil
This all-purpose oil is good for headaches, bug bites, muscle aches and a whole plethora of ailments.Blanket/Scarf.

Stain remover
Coffee spills, sauce splatters, salad mishaps… they always seem to happen right before a big meeting. Keep a stain remover stick handy for a quick fix.

Lip balm
Raw, chapped lips can be really uncomfortable and unseemly. Heal your lips with a bit of lip balm before and after you have your next salty meal.

Lint roller
You’ve got a big client meeting, but your suit is covered with pet hair. Just keep a lint roller around and you’ll be safe.

In summer it can be hard to stay fresh without a bit of help. A spritz of perfume is a treat for yourself and your colleagues.

Do your office mates a favour by keeping the smells at bay. Having deodorant at hand can make all the difference. It also pays to have this handy in case you decide to squeeze in a lunchtime walk.

Whether it’s migraines you get or backaches, it’s never a bad idea to keep painkillers at your desk.

Keep that breath fresh with some mint. Our personal favourite: blackcurrant Eclipse.

Anti-bacterial agent
For the germophobe who feels unsafe just touching door handles and documents handled by others.

Apart from the one you carry around, just keep one in the office because you never know when the downpour is going to hit, especially when you are in Hong Kong.

Vitamin C
Coughs and sniffles elicit nothing but dread at work. Create a force field by boosting your immune system with some Vitamin C.

Not only might tissue come in handy at your desk, but it’s a great help to take a tissue packet to lunch at places that don’t have napkins.

Needle and thread
That popped button is leaving you a bit exposed. Sew it back up.


If your profession calls for ties, be sure to keep a few extras at work for surprise meetings.

Hair gel or clay
Also for unexpected moments when you have to look polished, keep your favourite hair products at work.


Hair pins or ribbons
Solve your bad hair days with some help. Getting the hair off your face can also help you stay focused.

Nail file
Smooth out a broken nail so it won’t be snagging your clothes all day.

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