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3 Ways to Lunch “Al Desko” in Quarry Bay

Think eating at your desk is boring? Well, it doesn’t have to be. In Quarry Bay, there are plenty of takeaway and delivery options to satisfy all your food cravings. Here are three ways to find the perfect “al-desko” lunch in the neighbourhood and make your midday meal something to look forward to every day. Bon appétit!

1. Choices, Choices

If you’re looking to spice up your desk lunch with new flavours, turn to Taikoo Social for a ton of fresh ideas. With its latest collaboration with dining platform OpenRice, the app’s “Eat Well” directory now features over 200 restaurants from around the area and includes ratings to help you find eateries with the best food and service.

Many of the restaurants allow you to order takeaway or delivery directly – from homemade spaghetti to fresh sushi, dim sum to frozen yogurt, you can order it right there in the app. And if you work in Taikoo Place or Cityplaza One, then you’re in for a treat: registered tenant users will receive a $30 discount on their second takeaway orders, so don’t forget to verify your identity!

Can’t decide what to eat? Take inspiration from the weekly restaurant filters – special categories in the “Eat Well” section will help you filter through restaurants and eateries in the neighbourhood by themes, such as “Healthy Delights” and “Al Desko”. These filters are updated regularly to give you fresh mealtime ideas every week.

2. Farm Fresh

We’re all looking to eat a little healthier – and the best way to know what you’re putting into your body? Pack your own meal! Not only can you decide the right portion size for yourself, but you can also pick ingredients that best fit your dietary needs.

When planning and preparing your packed lunches, be sure to include plenty of vegetables to fuel your body with all the essential nutrients it needs. Try the organic veggie box by Tong Chong Street Market farmer partner, Hong Kong Farmers Pride, who are now putting into your body offering free delivery and, for Taikoo Place office workers only, a 10% discount. Each box is filled with 2.4kg of organic produce – enough for two to three people to eat for three meals – all freshly picked each morning from a local farm in Yuen Long. Prepare to be surprised by the variety of vegetables you’ll receive: from kale and Chinese spinach to runner beans and tomatoes, each order will come with four to six different types of seasonal vegetables to keep your taste buds excited.

3. On a Budget

Who says you can’t eat well on a budget? Many restaurants in Cityplaza are now offering special discounts for takeaway and delivery orders. There’s a wide variety of eateries and cafes to choose from, so it’s a great opportunity to explore something a little different.

If you’re craving Chinese food, for example, you can enjoy different regional favourites from restaurants such as Bloom by Wang Jia Sha, West Villa Restaurant and Ashima Yunnan Restaurant at discounted prices. Prefer something western? Then check out Glasshouse’s special takeaway menu featuring items at 50% off, or order from Dan Ryan’s Chicago Grill to bring the taste of America to your desk. In addition to lunch promotions, there are many more dining offers with a special rewards you can enjoy throughout the day – keep exploring!

Want to pack your own meal? Get inspired by these easy prep-and-pack lunch ideas.
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