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Enjoy the simple pleasures in life with Shadow Kwan


Achieving a peace of mind takes a lot of work and no one would know that better than Simply Pleasure (aka SP) owner and entrepreneur, Shadow Kwan. For several years, Kwan has been busy developing different facets of her SP lifestyle brand, selling everything from Japanese homewares and her own line of Asian inspired loungewear, to creating her own frozen yoghurt chain – Smile Yogurt and Dessert Bar. In the past few years, her efforts to create a brand of elegance have culminated in the opening of her tearooms. “When I want to make people happy the first thing I think about is food,’ says Kwan.

“Everyone can enjoy cakes, tea and appreciate the comforts of life”
Shadow Kwan

Kwan is all about living with a sense of effortlessness and grace. We imagine that she’s close to figuring out how to float across the room. Her tearoom in Cityplaza is constructed with warm soft, light-coloured wood panelling and flooring, furnished with pastel pink cushion and finished with marble and floral detailing. The music playing is harp renditions of Irish folk music. “The tearoom is very personal,’ says Kwan. “It’s about what I like, everything from the décor and the music and the idea of being able to translate calm, happiness, bliss and comfort to our customer.”

SP is a space of elevated femininity where customers can relax, ponder and socialise over a cup of artisanal tea, SP’s signature tea-infused cakes and healthy dishes. “To me, flowers, tea and food represent good living and joy,” says Kwan. “So, I thought, why not combine everything together, add flowers into my tea, and add tea into my cakes. It makes sense.”

You might think that SP is about catering to female customers, but Kwan assures us that she’s trying to give a bit of happiness to everyone. "We have regular male customers that come every day," she says. "SP isn't about being gender specific. It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are. Everyone can enjoy cakes, tea and appreciate the comforts of life.”

“The idea is to translate calm, happiness, bliss and comfort to our customer”
Shadow Kwan

Kwan has had a passion for food ever since she can remember. Growing up with a father who owns a restaurant and a mother who would prepare home cooked meals three times a day was the inspiration for SP. " The homey feel, knowing that my mom has prepared a meal and waiting for me to come home are memories I cherish," says Kwan. "It's that warmth I wanted to share with more people, so that's why I created my brand. I wanted to reach more people."

With so much going on at her various businesses, it’s a wonder that Kwan can seem so collected. “I have three things I must do every day,' she says. "I arrange flowers, read and drink tea. It's time that I give myself to reflect and it's usually when I come up with new ideas. If you make a routine to do something for yourself each day and make it as essential as brushing your teeth, it will help you think more clearly.”

“When I want to make people happy the first thing I think about is food”
Shadow Kwan

Last month, Kwan has teamed up with LVMH skincare brand Cha Ling to host an event at members’ club The Refinery. There she presented Oolong-infused cakes decorated with orchids to match Cha Ling’s Chinese aesthetic. Join the club now to get the chance to attend such exclusive event! But if you want to check out SP, just head over to Cityplaza and enjoy a slice of pretty cake and aromatic tea. 

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