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Cheap, Delicious Eats in the Eastern District


By Arthur Tam

What’s for lunch? Eastern District is home to a range of delicious dishes that are wallet-friendly. We’ve polled the community and put together a list of lunches for under $70. Remember, if you’re ordering takeaway from these restaurants, help the environment by bringing your own container.

Chao Chao Gyoza

The dish: pan-fried dumplings ($28/8pcs, $48/16pcs)

If you’re looking for tasty dumplings, these petite, uniform gyozas make for a flavourful snack or lunch option. The Japanese franchise has perfected the recipe to create pan-fried dumplings that are slightly crispy on the outside and nice and juicy on the inside. Opt for the set lunch that comes with a starter and a bowl of udon or order them a la carte. Don’t forget to check its Facebook page to find out about new, unusual gyoza flavours like Yuzu. Shop 4-5, G/F, Kiu Ying Building, 2 Finnie St, Quarry Bay, tel: 9661 0201;

Lily’s Food

The dish: ‘chi fan’ sticky rice roll ($12)

It’s difficult to find a good chi fan (or chi fan at all for that matter) in Hong Kong these days. But Lily’s Food rolls up a satisfying one with a balanced filling made with fried dough, pork floss and spicy pickled vegetables. Get one for breakfast or lunch with a cup of soy milk and you’re good to go. Shop H, 997 King’s Rd, Quarry Bay, tel: 2214 0750

Little Nyonya

The dish: Laksa ($68)

Opened just over Chinese New Year, Little Nyonya is the newest restaurant to join our Quarry Bay community. Go for the seafood laksa that comes with a combination of thin rice noodles and thick egg noodles cooked to an al dente texture. The prawn toppings are succulent, and the coconut curry soup base marries sweet and savoury harmoniously for a comforting, smooth slurp. Shop D9, 18 Hoi Tai St, tel: 3428 2250

Kam-fung Congee and Noodle

The dish: ‘cheung fun’ rice rolls ($12)

The bouncy and tender bite of meat-filled Cantonese rice rolls is a sensual experience. And in the Quarry Bay neighbourhood, no one does it better than Kam Fung Congee and Noodle. Choose from a selection of char siu pork, minced beef with coriander or shrimp, and scarf down this pocket of deliciousness. Order a bowl of congee to go with it. G/F, 2 Yau Man St, Quarry Bay, tel: 2562 6821

The dish: fried chicken (Small $43)

People usually flock to Tsim Sha Tsui for Korean fried chicken, but we dare say that Babiya has some of the best deep-fried poultry in town. This humble little hole-in-the-wall establishment gets the skin of their boneless chicken pieces nice and crispy without being oily. Add a little bit of their spicy sauce and sink your teeth into the juicy morsels. G/F, 18B Pan Hoi St, Quarry Bay, tel: 9098 2935

The dish: salads ($32-40)

Eating out all the time can make you feel bloated and heavy. For a lighter, more refreshing option, go to Hawkr and try one of their Southeast Asian-inspired salads. The Vietnamese chicken salad ($32) comes with a colourful combination of green and red cabbage, carrot, fresh herbs, bell pepper, lime and a tangy sweet fish sauce dressing. Another delightful option is their Issan beef salad ($36) that comes with zucchini, cherry tomatoes, carrot and Thai shallots. Salad is just more interesting at Hawkr. G/F, 36 Hoi Kwong St, Quarry Bay, tel: 9222 8583;

Jar Gor 1996

The dish: cart noodles ($40-$70)

Nothing beats Cantonese comfort food like a bowl of customised cart noodles At Jar Gor, you can find all the classic toppings you want, whether it’s pigs’ blood, fish skin dumplings or lobster balls. The ingredients taste higher quality compared with other street food vendors. Shop 25B, Hoi Kwong Court Block 2, 13-15 Hoi Kwong St, Quarry Bay;

Qinghai Tibetan Noodles
The dish: noodles
Hidden down an alley behind North Point MTR station is this cosy noodle shop that serves dry beef noodles with garlic sauce and awesome barbecue skewers such as mutton and grilled aubergine ($46 for noodles + appetiser). The portions here are big, so you don’t have to worry about not having enough. G/F, 41A Kam Ping St, North Point, tel: 2151 0506

Natural Coconut Shot

The dish: coconut pudding

Satisfy your sweet tooth with possibly the best coconut pudding in all of Hong Kong. This coconut specialist shop has been around North Point for around 50 years, and they make only 25 coconut puddings with split pea per day. The cool, lightly sweet pudding is a refreshing summer treat. 46 Marble Rd, North Point, tel: 2571 6305;天然椰子號


The dish: beef brisket noodles
For a nourishing option, get a bowl of beef brisket noodles from Dah-lei. This tried and true shop specialises in making really tender beef brisket and curry beef brisket. The soup is only lightly seasoned to preserve the pure taste of beef and turnip, reflecting the delicate nature of Cantonese cooking. G/F, 16 Yau Man St, Quarry Bay, tel: 2563 8143

Yau-wun BBQ pork
The dish: char siu rice ($34)

Nothing is more comforting than a slab of Char Siu over rice. This mom and pop shop in Quarry Bay does it best with fresh pork from the butcher shop just next door. The meat is oh-so-tender and sweet and it’s even more satisfying knowing that something so good can be so affordable. 985 King's Rd, Quarry Bay, tel: 2590 7968

Bistro Lane
The dish: salt and pepper chicken fillet with osmanthus chicken soup ($68)

For a hearty lunch opt for a crispy, aromatic Taiwanese chicken fillet over rice paired with a warming bowl of aromatic soup. Something crunchy to go along with something hydrating is the key to keeping your inner qi balanced. Shop 8, G/F, Dragon View House, 6-16 Hoi Tai St, Quarry Bay, tel: 5115 4094;

Thai Niyom Restaurant
The dish: fried pork noodles with pork and hot basil ($50)

For some cheap and cheerful Thai food, head over to Thai Niyom and try their fried pork noodles with pork and hot basil. The noodles are light with a tender chewy texture that makes for a delectable bite that contrasts well with the ground pork. It’s topped with a bit of basil and chilli for the right amount of kick. Shop A22, G/F, Yick Cheong Bldg, 1046 King's Rd, Quarry Bay, tel: 2597 7288

The dish: pancakes with bacon ($54/comes with drink), angus beef burger ($58/comes with drink)

Depending on the time of day you’re heading to Republic, we’ve got a few options. The fluffy pancakes and bacon make for a surprisingly light breakfast. For lunch, take a bite out of the scrumptious angus beef burger. That tender beef patty with cheese, tomato and lettuce is classic combination. Shops C & D, 1/F Devon House, tel: 2896 6696

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