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Hit mid-year reset with these bucket list travel experiences

You aren’t alone if you’re feeling sluggish and unproductive in the summer heat – why not hit refresh with a cool trip? These awe-inspiring travel experiences will let you reset your mind, and create memories that will keep you going for the rest of the year.

Son Doong Cave: Journey to the underworld

Not for the faint-hearted, a visit to Son Doong Cave in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam is like going on a Journey to the Centre of the Earth. While it’s nowhere near the earth’s core, you’ll find an unspoilt underground world teeming with flora and fauna, as well as prehistoric coral fossils. The largest cave on earth, it takes days to trek, climb, crawl and swim through the jungles, river and lakes inside. What’s even more fascinating is that it has its own weather system – so don’t be surprised if you see clouds inside! Currently Oxalis Adventure Tours offers the only tours to explore the cave from late January to end of August.

Lake Titicaca: Live like a local

The best way to experience another culture is by living like a local, and an authentic homestay on the islands of Lake Titicaca, Peru offers just the perfect cultural immersion. As the world’s highest navigable lake, stunning sceneries are guaranteed but the area is also known for its indigenous communities residing on different islands. Among them the most famous are the Floating Islands, made by the Uros people from layers of reeds. To take a glimpse into their unique way of life and colourful traditions, stay with a local family by booking a homestay through a Puno travel agent or Airbnb – not only will it be a trip to remember, it’ll also support the local communities.

Bregenz Festival: Opera on the lake

If you enjoy music and theatre, a performance at the Bregenz Festival in Austria is a visual spectacle you won’t forget. Each summer this quaint little town on the shore of Lake Constance comes alive with concerts and operas. The focal point of the event, however, is the Seebühne, an open-air amphitheatre with a floating stage on the lake. A new production is presented every other year; and with it comes a brand new stage design that often extends into the water, with the majestic Alps and gorgeous sunset sky as its backdrop. This year, the Seebühne will transform into a circus-like world to stage Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi from 17 Jul to 18 Aug.

Tromsø: Sunlight at midnight

Tromsø, Norway is a popular destination to view the aurora borealis, but did you know an equally dazzling natural phenomenon occurs here during the warmer months? Located 350km north of the Arctic Circle, Tromsø enjoys 24 hours of daylight from May to July, which gives rise to the mesmerising midnight sun. There are many adventures to be had should you want to take advantage of the extra sunlight, but none quite like a hike to one of the peaks of Kvaløya – the spectacular island views under the midnight rays are worth staying up for. Or, hop on a boat to watch the sun dip ever so slightly and ascend again, as it paints the sky and sea in shades of pink for a brief yet magical moment.

MUSA: Art under the sea

Love art and nature? The undersea museum of contemporary art MUSA combines the two with water adventures off the coast of Cancún, Mexico. Featuring over 500 submerged sculptures that are constantly transformed by nature – thanks to pH-neutral materials used to promote coral life – the museum’s three galleries allow visitors to appreciate the interaction between art and environmental science. See these incredible artworks and beautiful coral reefs up close with snorkelling and scuba diving tours, or stay dry with an excursion on a glass bottom boat.

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