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The Heart of your Quarry of Art


Art is unexpected. Surprising. Intriguing. Inspiring.

And it’s all around you, if you dare to look. Art in Hong Kong is more accessible than you may think. But in order to find and appreciate it, you have to change the way you perceive it.

Veteran Hong Kong comedian Lam Suet is like the rest of us – really. Though he may be one of the most recognised local celebrities, with his bellowing laugh and characteristic voice, he’s casual, approachable, hilarious, curious and loves the city that he calls home.

So if he can find art all around him, so can you.

In Hong Kong, artistic talent is everywhere. Quarry Bay has quickly developed into a Quarry of Art, and at the centre of this Quarry of Art is the new ArtisTree. Since moving to Cambridge House, Taikoo Place in June 2017, the new ArtisTree has brought exciting programmes to Quarry Bay, including extraordinary theatre performances, avant-garde concerts, world-renowned exhibitions and large scale community events, experimenting with the endless possibilities of creativity in any given space. And there’s much more to come, in all shapes and forms.

Quarry Bay has transformed from its days as an industrial quarry into a mine of art. There may be things outside your doorstep that you may not immediately consider “art”, but look closer and you’ll realise just how it’s all around you, and that inspiration is everywhere. The new ArtisTree provides Taikoo Place tenants, neighbouring communities and beyond the opportunities to engage with all kinds of artistic forms. After all, Rene Magritte did say, “Art is the means of evoking mystery.” You will find that there is no lack of mystery for you to explore, decipher and unravel in your Quarry of Art.

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