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A Bite of Inspiration: Introducing the ArtisTree Open Rehearsal Series 2018


What do you normally do during your lunchtime? A quick bite with friends? Watching YouTube videos at your desk? They’re perfectly fine options. But what if you could be part of creating a new, original art production instead?

That’s the idea of Open Rehearsals, a new series at ArtisTree that launches in July.

The ArtisTree Open Rehearsal Series 2018 offers audiences a look at performances in their rawest form. Audience members have a chance to participate in the ideation of two productions-in-progress. Also, there’s free food!

“We wanted to give people something different during their lunch hour,” says Swire Properties’ Head of Office Marketing Babby Fung. “With Open Rehearsals, we want people to come in, have some lunch, but more importantly, be part of a work-in-progress production where they can actually interact with the artists.”

Two productions are part of the Open Rehearsals series in July and August: Emoto, a collaboration between Hong Kong-based group The Nonsensemakers and CITA / International Centre for Theatre Arts; and iCoDaCo, an international contemporary dance collective.

“This experience is totally new to us,” says Jo Ngai, Executive Producer of The Nonsensemakers, who will be rehearsing physical theatre piece Emoto for the very first time during the Open Rehearsals. Involving projection, video, music, puppets and even water pools, Ngai sees these sessions as an opportunity to experiment. “We have undeveloped ideas. They might work, maybe not work, and maybe we’ll try something new with the audience present as well.”

“Hong Kong will be the first physical encounter of the collective after eight months of discussions, which included regular video meetings and communication through email and social media,” says Producer Jaqueline Wong of iCoDaCo’s August residency. “The audience will witness the process of how the ideas are being fine-tuned and transformed into body movements.”

What about the food, you ask? Butler Luxury Caterers will be preparing special lunchboxes for each rehearsal, which you can pick up at the beginning of the session and enjoy while you watch.

Food is great, but the rarity of such open rehearsals is a draw in itself. As Ngai notes, at the Open Rehearsals – and at ArtisTree – “Anything can happen.” And you, the audience, are a critical part in making them happen.

ArtisTree Open Rehearsal Series 2018
Emoto by CITA Theatre and The Nonsensemakers

Open Rehearsals

Open-door Rehearsals
17 & 20 August, 12.45pm

Final Showcase
22 August, 12:45pm & 6:30pm

Open-door Rehearsals
16 & 18 July, 12:45pm

Final Showcase
20 July, 12:45pm & 6:30pm

Free admission; registration required.

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