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Starting from this year, Tong Chong Street Market (TCSM) is much more than just a food market, it is also a jumping off point for aspiring food entrepreneurs. Introducing “Insights from Insiders”, a mentorship programme aimed at aspiring food entrepreneurs to help them start their business on the right footing, sustain their business and turn their passion into tangible profits, TCSM brings in experienced F&B founders and industry captains such as Charlene Dawes, Managing Director of Tastings Group; Shakib Pasha, Co-founder of Dr. Fern's Gin Parlour, Mrs. Pound and Foxglove, Asia's Best Female Chef 2017 and Chef Founder of Little Bao, May Chow, and Chef Vicky Cheng, Co-owner of one-Michelin-star restaurant VEA, to share their insights and personal experience.

The programme is equipped with a different topic each month spanning from culinary R&D, branding, to operations, risk management and more. Participants can turn their concept into practice at Tong Chong Street Market in May and introduce their food concept to the public.

Want to know more about their fruitful journeys in the programme? Find it out at The Mag.


Hanh Dang

Originally from Vietnam, Hanh was an interior designer then turned into a self-taught chef with a background in Japanese Yakiniku and Vietnamese cuisine. Her F&B journey began in 2013 when she opened Pachi Pachi; a Yakiniku restaurant in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. However, after moving to Hong Kong in 2018, she missed the distinctive cuisine of southern Vietnam and began to experiment with traditional recipes from the region. From these experiments, Hanh developed Măm Măm; authentic, home-cooked southern Vietnamese-style dishes, but meat-free. Today, alongside overseeing Pachi Pachi, Hanh plans to launch Măm Măm as Hong Kong’s first Viet-Vegetarian food-delivery service.


Marvin Gaw

Marvin is a Chinese-Filipino descent grew up in Cebu Philippines. His interest in cooking was ignited at a young age. He moved back to Hong Kong 10 years ago and worked in the finance industry for around 5 years. He had a dream to open a restaurant and always wanted to share the happiness of good food to people. To pursue this interest and dream, he enrolled in Hong Kong Culinary Academy and earned a diploma in Hotel Culinary Management which further enabled him to understand multicultural angles connected to demands in food. His culinary journey started with Chino back in 2016 where he cultivated his efficiency. He then moved to Carbone and understood corporate restaurant concepts. Holy Gaw, established in 2020, became his passion realised to serve how he envisioned comfort food. He aims to share and capture the taste of the way he enjoys his homestyle food to people in HK!


Houston Fung & Jordan Kostelac

This dynamic duo combines extensive operations management expertise with a unique creative view at the convergence of years of F&B experience from the U.K. and the U.S. and a deep love for Asia, especially the rich heritage of Hong Kong. Their current concept “Hauabout” is a living history of Hong Kong’s industrial past told through a celebration of fermentation and natural food preservation. “Hauabout" is also a multi-format celebration of Hong Kong's industrial heritage by providing a selection of food and drinks in a community focused environment.


Pamela Joey Poon

Ever since Pamela moved back to Hong Kong for good, she couldn’t stop thinking about new ways to share plant-based cooking ideas. Thus, she opened her first private dining studio Sow Vegan in Kwun Tong back in 2016 and vegan bakery Ovule Bakery in the last quarter of 2020. Inspired by the time of her study at Le Cordon Bleu, the process of making everything from scratch brings her both joy and challenges. She believes everyone can make tasty plant-based food with seasonal ingredients from their local grocery stores. Ovule Bakery she founded is a modish plant-based concept bakery, inspired by the traditional art of bread making with original flavours and fresh seasonal ingredients.



Jenga’s creativity was imbued through her professional training as a makeup artist, and she adds that extra layer of detail and delicacy in her approach to fine cuisine. Her journey into the culinary arts started when she took up an apprenticeship in Test Kitchen. She was assisting many of the internationally renowned chefs working there, all the while crafting as a chef along the way. Her passion in the culinary arts took her to London, where she received professional French cuisine training at the Le Cordon Bleu. An avid traveller, she seeks the varied tastes of the many cultures she encounters and adds on her interpretations of those flavours. Cam found her passion in culinary arts while being a professional fine arts artist. She started her food journey by studying Spanish cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu Madrid. After she finished her study, she worked in restaurant Catalunya, A side/ B side (a farm to table restaurant in Hong Kong), and Bo.Lan in Bangkok. While working in Test Kitchen, Cam continues to explore Asian spices and ingredients. With Chef Jenga, they inspire each other with varied tastes of many cultures they encountered, creating a menu beyond geographical limitation to Test Kitchen.


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