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Indulge in Local, Organic and Seasonal Foods during Exclusive Tong Chong Street Market Pop-Up Farmers’ Stall

26 Jul 2017

Sustainable lifestyle starts here at Taikoo Place with fresh organic produce from local farms

This summer, Taikoo Place has launched the Tong Chong Street Market Pop-Up Farmers’ Stall to bring locally grown and seasonal produce to the city. From 25 July to 29 September at 12 to 6pm on weekdays, working professionals in the Quarry Bay area and the neighbourhood can shop for sustainable foods from local farms outside Dorset House, Taikoo Place. Encouraging communities to embrace a balanced and organic lifestyle, nutritious lunch made with locally sourced ingredients and designed by celebrity chefs will be served on selected days in August.

Take advantage of the summer’s freshest produce and show your support for sustainable agriculture and local farmers. The pop-up farmers’ stall is where you will find crookneck squash, sweet potatoes shoot, carambola and other colorful and tasty fruits and vegetables to take home with you. 

Feel inspired as you get up close and personal with the farmers and renowned chefs to hear more about the latest culinary trends. In August, Gabriel Choy, Hilda Leung and Doris Wong will team up with local farmers to create delicious dishes that are locally grown and organic! To highlight, Chef Gabriel will whip up a Baked Crookneck Squash over Rice and a Figs, Mango and Quinoa, Mozzarella Salad. Chef Hilda will prepare Balsamic Mushrooms & Quinoa Rice Paper Rolls with Pickled Ginger & Plum Sauce and Summer Pink Watermelon-Lemongrass Limeade, whilst Chef Doris will also delight marketgoers with Red Dragon Fruit Lemonade, Korean Grilled Veggie Skewers as well as a Thai Red Curry with Mock Duck & Apples. Simple, yet affordable, these freshly prepared meals will be available exclusively at the farmers’ stall on 15, 22 and 29 August.


Committed to promoting a zero-waste lifestyle, Taikoo Place is collaborating with Food Angel, a food rescue and food assistance programme on the mission to educate the communities to "Waste Not, Hunger Not" by preserving the Earth’s natural resources. To support the programme, lunch start / will start at HK$50 or more, and all proceeds will go to Food Angel. In addition, only eco-friendly containers and utensils will be used.  Taikoo Place has also partnered with young entrepreneurs, namely Be Nice To Life and Eco-Greenergy to offer earth-conscious products including washable and reusable eco-wrap, stainless steel toothbrush, reusable umbrella bag and more.


“The Tong Chong Street Market’s Pop-Up Farmers’ Stall will help further drive awareness towards the concept of sustainability and zero-waste living. By championing local farmers and collaborating with celebrity chefs, we aim to inspire the neighborhood as home chef to cook with the freshest ingredients, and strive for locally grown, organic and seasonal produce wherever possible,” said Babby Fung, Head of Office Marketing, Swire Properties.

The Tong Chong Street Market Pop-Up Farmers’ Stall is one of the many initiatives launched by Swire Properties to engage local communities. The goal of these tailor-made events is to make the company’s portfolios the ideal places to live, work and stay. This “placemaking” initiative is part of Swire Properties’ new sustainable development (SD) 2030 Strategy, which aims to enhance the company’s SD capabilities across all of its businesses around the world. Swire Properties developed this new strategy with the vision of becoming the leading SD performer in its industry, globally by 2030.


Tong Chong Street Market will return in November for the winter season, and serve the community until February 2018.


Tong Chong Street Market Pop-Up Farmers’ Stall

Date: 25 July to 29 September (Monday to Friday)

Opening Hours: 12:00 – 6:00pm

Venue: G/F, Dorset House, Taikoo Place, Quarry Bay

Admission: Free

Exclusive Dishes by Celebrity Chefs:

Doris Wong (15 Aug):

1. Red Dragon Fruit Lemonade

2. Korean Grilled Veggie Skewers

3. Thai Red Curry with Mock Duck & Apples

Hilda Leung (22 Aug):

1. Balsamic Mushrooms & Quinoa Rice Paper Rolls with Pickled Ginger & Plum Sauce

2. Pink Lemongrass Limeade

Gabriel Choy (29 Aug):

1. Baked Crookneck Squash over Rice

2. Figs, Mango and Quinoa, Mozzarella Salad

Facebook: tongchongstreetmarket

Instagram: tcsmarkethk

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