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Swire Properties’ Taikoo Place Launches Tong Chong Street Market

30 Sep 2015

The birth of a collaborative platform for like-minded communities of emerging entrepreneurs, epicurean and creative minds

Swire Properties’ Taikoo Place today announced the launch of Tong Chong Street Market, a gastronomic marketplace, on every Sunday from October through December in 2015. Created in partnership with the young social enterprise Honestly Green, the new marketplace aims to establish itself as a hub that embraces innovative culinary ideas and to raise food-cycle awareness across the city. 

To connect and inspire food enthusiasts in town, the market will showcase the debut of street food signatures from ten homegrown F&B brands including Boomshack, Bread & Beast, Common Ground, Grassroots Pantry, Teakha, The Woods and more. Delighting more than just taste buds, the market will also feature a vibrant ambience that combines lively music, original stall designs by MIRO, and multi-faceted street art by START from ZERO. 

“Tong Chong Street Market is a platform for market goers to experience trendsetting food and beverage first hand and learn about integrating food sustainability into their daily lives. By leveraging the amalgamated efforts of popular, specialty local restaurant partners who are significant agents of change themselves, we hope the wider Hong Kong public can be encouraged to make more conscious decisions about food that will benefit individuals and communities,” Janice Leung Hayes, Founder of Honestly Green.

The marketplace encompasses everything from fresh produce by certified local organic farmers, unconventional packaged food to creative recipes, cooking tips and latest gourmet trends. It aims to arouse public interest in healthy and sustainable food, being the first step to creating a positive food culture. It is anticipated that this collaborative community will continue to evolve organically as it establishes itself in the future. 

Following on from the successful TAIKOO PLACE PROJECT AFTER 6 activities earlier in the year, Taikoo Place tenant employees will be invited to unleash their culinary creativity through cooking lessons, site-visits to restaurants, and workshops. The programme will culminate in the public tasting and voting sessions at Tong Chong Street Market in December.

Available from 4 October to 27 December, every Sunday 11am - 5pm, the markets will feature 40 stalls selling meat, preserves, bakery and confectionery, organic fruits and vegetables, as well as signature dishes and cocktails. The next season will return in Spring 2016. For more information and vendor list, please

Tong Chong Street Market – Key Information:


4 October – 27 December 2015 (Sundays)


Tong Chong Street Market, Taikoo Place, Quarry Bay

Opening Hours

11:00am – 5:00pm



*The latest list of vendors is available on Tong Chong Street Market’s official website. 

Co-presenters: Taikoo Place, Swire Properties & Honestly Green
Participating Vendors: 3/3rds, Boomshack, Bread & Beast, Common Ground, Grassroots Pantry, Tap-the Ale Project, Teakha, The Woods, Pololi and Via Tokyo.

©Swire Properties Limited

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