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Tech Talk: Technology Trends that are Transforming the Workplace


• Technology has kept our world connected during the pandemic.
• As we return to the office, technologies such as AI, apps, touchless systems, and smart cleaning solutions are all contributing to a safe and productive workplace.




COVID-19 saw offices the world over close their doors, but technology has helped us through the trying times and kept us connected. As we return to the workplace and begin to live with a new sense of normalcy, how does technology continue to keep us safe, secure and productive?

Don’t Worry, be Appy

Workplace apps are increasingly equipped with features that go beyond run-of-the-mill productivity raising. Safe Distance is a Bluetooth-enabled app installed on smartphones that automatically tracks the distance between app users, who are notified if they’re within one metre of each other. Apps like freespace and iotspot work in conjunction with QR code tags placed throughout offices, enabling easy access to socially distant work stations that can be reserved on allocated days. As the remote working trend continues into 2021, software like Spatial will grow increasingly popular. The VR app integrates into your existing workflows and allows you to create an avatar version of yourself for engaging virtual conference calls and meetings.

The Rise of Intelligent Buildings

We have become more reliant on technology than ever before, and not just in the deployment of applications and small-scale conveniences; entire office buildings can be operated by artificial intelligence, ensuring they’re operating efficiently and providing safe and secure spaces for their tenants. Award-winning green building One Taikoo Place has achieved just that through its use of the Neuron platform. Monitoring everything from indoor air quality to energy efficiency, Neuron serves as the building’s central nervous system, analysing the data and enabling them to engage in predictive maintenance, forecast energy requirements and more, responding to changes in real time rather than waiting for problems to arise.

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You Can’t Touch This

From lift buttons to communal phones, the number of surfaces we touch in a day may surprise you. To reduce contact in the workplace and create a more hygiene-conscious environment, many commercial buildings are incorporating touchless technologies to keep users safe. For example, touchless call buttons for lifts are in place at One Island East, and tech companies like Proxy offer solutions that let individuals gain entry to buildings or offices using their smartphones. Voice assistants like Siri and Alexa are popular in the home, but in time, this technology will have a growing role in the workplace too, offering contactless alternatives to booking systems for meeting rooms and conference calls.

Clean, Lean, Bacteria Fighting Machines

Hygiene has become a key focus of our everyday lives, not just at home but also in the workplace. Beyond taking additional precautionary measures and introducing contactless technologies, smart cleaning solutions have been – and will continue to be – a fixture throughout offices. US-based company UV Angel, for instance, has developed an air treatment system that can be installed into a traditional ceiling light fixture to neutralise pathogens using light purification technology. Other technologies, such as autonomous roving cleaning robots in communal spaces, antimicrobial furniture and indoor air filtration systems, are also likely to become commonplace to keep offices clean, safe and hygienic.

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