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The Mag 101 – Get to know your must-read online lifestyle magazine


The Mag is something for you, no matter if you are working in Taikoo Place or Central. But what you might not know are the exact reasons why we started this online lifestyle magazine, or why we cover the stories we do. The point is to build an interactive community through our shared experiences inside and outside of the workplace. Our motto is: We ask, you share. We tell, you share.

We are here to tell your stories, but also introduce you to new, fun events and hangout spots for you, your colleagues and friends to enjoy. Reading and interacting with The Mag has additional benefits too. We’re talking about prizes to show our gratitude and appreciation for your time. This month we’re giving out $800 coupons to
Sugar (Bar.Deck.Lounge) at East hotel to go along with our gorgeous redesign.

Yup, The Mag is going to have a brand new look, with better layouts and more captivating images. We’ve also included a new section called PROJECT AFTER 6 to keep you in the loop of all of Taikoo Place’s community engagement events.

If this your first look at The Mag, here is a brief background about us and what stories you’ll have to look forward to.

The stories:

On the first working day of each month, we publish a series of stories, each differentiated into specific categories:

Taikoo This Month: This is a listings article focusing on all the new openings, deals and events happening in Taikoo Place and the surrounding area. It’s your go-to destination to staying up-to-date.

: Launched in 2014, PROJECT AFTER 6 is an engagement programme created by Swire Properties as a way to bring together Taikoo Place and the wider community through a series of activities. This section looks back at the projects that have passed and looks forward to the ones coming up, so you’ll never miss an opportunity to get involved.

We interview talented chefs about their inspirations and also tell you the best breakfast, lunch and dinner options in the Quarry Bay area. However, feasting on the food is just part of the story. One of our most recent articles focuses on the organic farm in Hong Kong that provides produce to Tong Chong Street Market so you get to understand the incredible people, culture and local community that go into raising sustainable produce for you to enjoy. 


These articles give a little love back to everyone that works here in this community. We interview management level personnel to get the latest news about their company and how they tackle topics like technology, sustainability, and diversity and inclusion. Also, we like to canvass opinions on certain work-related topics through our vox pop series. So, you might see us wandering around asking questions about your work-life balance, social media or what you love/hate about your job. It's supposed to be fun, so don't worry if we stop you. 


Beauty, fashion, wellness, it’s all here! Learn the latest makeup and hair trends or learn how to feng shui your desk to get that next big promotion. We know the experts who can help you out.

Talking Points:
These stories focus on giving you answers to the questions that you’ve had on your mind about Taikoo Place. Like, what’s going on with the development of One Taikoo Place? Or, why is it worth joining The Refinery? Or, to get a little bit meta, what is going on with the revamp of The Mag? Now you know the answer.

Beyond Taikoo Place:

The Mag isn’t just about Taikoo Place, this section covers what’s happening in the greater Eastern District. We recommend everything from the best outdoor activities and workshops to engage in, to the best cafes and galleries to visit.

Lunchtime Adventures:

Here, we cherrypick activities that you can tackle around Taikoo Place during your lunch break, like hiking up to the
Woodside Biodiversity Education Centre or visiting the area’s top Instagram hotspots. We want you to be able to expand your possibilities for fun and take advantage of what your neighbourhood offers.

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