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Taikoo Place Insiders: Sarah Fung of HULA


Pre-loved designer fashion paradise HULA has just opened its brand new warehouse space in Taikoo Place – so what better time for us to get to know its powerhouse founder, Sarah Fung?

The former Head of Creative Collaboration at Lane Crawford and designer of her own lingerie brand, Sarah has spent her whole career in fashion – and has picked up plenty of vital industry insights along the way. She gives us the lowdown on why she decided to start HULA and what it’s like to be a female entrepreneur.

Could you introduce HULA to us?

HULA is a curated consignment space selling luxury womenswear and accessories. We have an online shop and two offline spaces – our Hollywood Road boutique and our new Taikoo Place warehouse space! HULA provides a white-glove service to help consigners monetise their wardrobe by offering consumers high-quality, preowned, authenticated womenswear at accessible prices.


What inspired you to support the circular economy and sell pre-loved clothing?

I realised how much waste there was in the fashion industry – not only with the number of collections that brands create, but also among friends who were constantly shopping. They’d often ask where to get rid of items they no longer wanted; after researching, I realised there was nothing inspiring in Hong Kong and saw a business opportunity!

The global fashion industry produces over 92 million tonnes of waste annually; fashion waste is the second largest pollutant worldwide. However, extending clothing’s average lifespan by just three months reduces its carbon, waste and water footprints by 5-10%. Buying pre-owned fashion is the quickest solution right now to the problem of fashion waste, apart from buying nothing! HULA offers a way for women to still have fun with fashion, but to do it consciously.

“Buying pre-owned fashion is the quickest solution right now to the problem of fashion waste, apart from buying nothing!”

Why did you decide on Taikoo Place for HULA’s new location?

Being surrounded by Taikoo Place’s tenants – including some of the best legal, finance and fashion companies, plus amazing restaurants – meant moving here was a no-brainer! Swire have always nurtured sustainability and we’re happy to be part of their portfolio.

Could you tell us more about HULA’s Berkshire House space?

It’s a beautifully zoned 4,000 square foot warehouse space where customers can browse thousands of pieces. We’ll also soon be launching HULA Sustainable Marketplace, a long-term pop-up featuring sustainable, mostly local fashion and lifestyle brands. There will be themed periods, including activities like panel discussions, express lunch-time treatments, workshops and styling sessions.

“[HULA at Berkshire House is] a beautifully zoned 4,000 square foot warehouse space where customers can browse thousands of pieces.”

What are your favourite spots around Taikoo Place so far?

For a healthy lunch at my desk, my go-to is Treehouse; if I’m going out, TMK. I’m also looking forward to trying Honjokko and The Refinery!

You’ve been in the fashion industry for a while – what can be improved for women in the workplace?

Working in fashion, I’ve experienced a mostly female workforce and leadership – but I still hear of a 20% pay-gap between men and women, which is alarming in today’s world. I’d also like to see more flexibility for working mothers, such as flexible hours and working from home.

I believe female empowerment starts from home and school. Girls need encouragement to be more confident – meaning more female leaders to aspire to and schools proactively nurturing inclusivity.

Which female entrepreneur most inspires you and why?

Vivienne Westwood – she wasn’t simply a successful fashion designer but a pioneer and cultural icon. She stood for freedom, the environment, and women’s and animal rights. She was still working until she passed, aged 81 – age didn’t define her, and she was fabulous until the end!


What was the best advice you received when starting HULA?

Don’t worry about competitors; worrying won’t change anything – just be brilliant at what you do!

Suites 404-407, 4/F Berkshire House, Taikoo Place
2544 1511



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