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As we eagerly watch our Taikoo Place neighbourhood transforming into an even greater place to be, a new roving pop-up exhibition brings us a up-close, enhanced look at the exciting future in store (spoiler alert: get ready for more green!) and the new Taikoo Place App


Anyone walking to or from their Taikoo Place offices nowadays can see that big changes are under way in the neighbourhood. The tall, light-filled windows along the connecting bridges offer a bird’s eye vantage point from which to observe the dramatic construction and renewal happening all around us, every day.  

It’s not always easy to picture the end result of a remarkable transformation, especially when you are in the middle of it! That’s why the new roving exhibit, "INSIDE: A GREAT PLACE TO BE" is such a welcome and timely presentation. It’s a great place to discover what’s in store for our Taikoo Place neighbourhood–and to start getting ready for it.

A sleek, white rectangular space, "INSIDE: A GREAT PLACE TO BE" is as design-forward and innovative as the story it tells. During its pop-up period (it will be on display in One Island East and Lincoln Bridge between now and May 25th), you’ll be greeted by guides as the future of Taikoo Place begins to unfold virtually before your eyes.

“It’s a great place to discover what’s in store for our Taikoo Place neighbourhood–and to start getting ready for it. ”

The display space, less than 25 square metres, is divided into seven unique zones that explore the ideas and concepts “inside” the transformation happening in our community, and take you through the past, present and soon-to-come future of Taikoo Place. The story unfolds in a beautifully designed multimedia format of video clips, enhanced maps and interactive displays, and there’s even a fun user “challenge” at the end.

The first two zones, “Inside a Place of Creative Transformation” and “Inside a Well-Planned Business Hub” , take a deep dive into the history of Taikoo Place, and include new insights into Two Taikoo Place–which has been awarded the prestigious SmartScore and WiredScore certifications.

“Inside a Well-Planned Business Hub” in particular features an interactive touch table which allows visitors to explore renders of the future space. Here, you almost feel as if you are inside the gardens of the remodelled Taikoo Square and the upcoming open spaces of Two Taikoo Place.

As you virtually “walk” through open green spaces lush with flowering plants, native trees, and soothing water channels, you’ll find your thoughts turning to restorative lunchtime breaks, after-work picnics, and other pleasant activities that bring balance and wellness to our daily lives.

“Here, you almost feel as if you are inside the gardens of the remodelled Taikoo Square and the upcoming open spaces of Two Taikoo Place.”
Next at “Inside A World of Sustainable Future", a timeline tracing back to Taikoo Dockyards highlights Swire’s commitment to environmentally responsible and people-centred business operations. The exhibition shows how this extends into future planning for the district, creating a work-life balance for the modern workplace.
The last half of the exhibition move us right into the present. “Inside A Place of Culinary Delights” is a brilliant summary of the many restaurants in the area, the number of which is increasingly growing, while “Inside A Lovable, Liveable Neighbourhood” gives us a playful summation of all the events and social activities that make the Taikoo Place community feel so alive. Crowd favourites such as PROJECT AFTER 6, Tong Chong Street Market, and ArtisTree are referenced here alongside the many other attractions that are curated for office workers in the area.
Moving into the last section of the exhibition, "Inside A Seamless Workplace Experience” and “Experience Taikoo Place App” provide a close-up look at the recently-launched Taikoo Place app–the latest addition to our community’s seamless workplace/lifestyle experience.
And there’s more! For some interactive game-playing fun, the exhibit finishes with a “Mini Game Zone”. Here, you are invited to try out the app yourself–a super-sized version of it on a large video display with a touch screen. It’s set up as a timed challenge: Accept a “mission” to book a restaurant, order take-out food, or book a workspace, and the display will walk you through the steps. 

You’ll want to make sure to visit the "INSIDE: A GREAT PLACE TO BE" Exhibition when it comes to your part of Taikoo Place! Through maps and engaging displays with renders, attractions, documentaries, and more, the exhibition captures the scope of what’s happening in our Taikoo Place neighbourhood–there is so much to eat, drink, and do.


Dates & locations:
 3 to 28 April 2023: G/F, One Island East
 2 to 25 May 2023: Lincoln Bridge

Opening Hours:
 Monday to Friday, 9am – 7pm (Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays)

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