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Male grooming tips from dapper gents at The Barber Shop


Autumn is finally here, and it means the festive party season is soon upon us. There’s no better time to get a trim and refresh your grooming habits – so we spoke with the hair experts at the newly opened barber shop in Quarry Bay, who share their top styling and grooming tips for guys.

When choosing a new hairstyle, check your face shape first. Rounder face shapes suit longer hair more, while skinnier face shapes suit shorter hairstyles.

Matte waxes are a much better fit than gel for fine hair, but if you have thick hair go for the gel. Wax will give you volume while gel will give a smooth look.

Ideally, don’t wash your hair every day. Overwashing your hair, especially using shampoo every day, can be damaging for your scalp. This is especially important if you have a dry scalp.

A more extreme alternative is to join the no-poo movement: cutting shampoo out of your routine forever. Stop washing your hair, except with just water, and after a month your scalp will adjust and naturally produce less oil. You’ll be avoiding harmful shampoo chemicals, with your locks looking surprisingly clean.

When using a hair dryer, stick with a lower heat setting. High temperatures can take the moisture out of your scalp and hair.

If you have a beard, use a little bit of hair product to shape it – a smudge of wax or a few drops of beard oil is perfect.

Seeing some specks of grey? Embrace it and avoid the dye.If you want to avoid the greys for a bit longer, try eating freshly ground black sesame. The anti-ageing benefits of these antioxidant-rich seeds are renowned, and they are also delicious.

Worried about hair loss? There is a plethora of hair thickening products out there to try, but also try giving your scalp a massage for a few minutes every day to stimulate blood circulation.

A haircut can be quality time with your kids. Book a cut for you and your child for a memorable, fun experience and their first introduction to a classic barber. Cuts start at $220, beard trims at $150. The Barber Shop; G/F, Devon House, Taikoo Place, tel: 2958 0037,

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