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Looking Ahead: What the people want


By Arthur Tam

It’s that time again when we stop, take a look back at our favourite moments of the year and reminisce fondly before gearing up for what’s to come. This week, I’ve walked around Taikoo Place to ask 10 individuals about their new year’s resolution, how they've enjoyed the different community building activities in the area and what they would like to see more of in 2018.

What is your New Year's resolution?

Chan (Sustainability, Devon House):
Leave work on time. I put in a lot of overtime.

Ivy (Public Relations, PCCW):
I want to get my driver’s license, so I can go exploring on the weekends.

Anshel (Content Marketing, Cambridge House): I want to earn more money and learn how to dance Salsa.

Tim (Digital and Social Media Marketing, Cityplaza Four): I want to travel more and get more fun projects to work on.

Danny (Telecommunications, Dorset House): I'd just like the opportunity to go outside more, especially on a sunny day like today.

What do you think about the different tenant engagement programmes that have happened here in 2017? What activities would you like to see more of this year?

Diandra (Property Management , Devon House):
I enjoyed the White Christmas Street Fair, and I think it would be good if they had more of the tenants engaged in it somehow, maybe through workshops and performances.

Miranda (IT, PCCW Tower):
I like the energy the activities bring to the community, especially the busking performances, but it’s a shame that the space available hinders the sound and the overall experience. It’s a bit congested having it on the Lincoln Bridge. I’d like to see the basketball 3-on-3 game that was at the old ArtisTree again. And, I would like to see a book fair around here. I love reading, and it just seems like an obvious extension of what Swire Properties is trying to do to engage more people in arts and culture.

Ivy: I like the activities, but I think the duration of them is quite limited. By the time I find out about them, it's either too late to join, or they're already over. I wish the White Christmas Street Fair lasted longer.

Tasha (Telecom, Oxford House): It's quite special because there isn't any other developer in Hong Kong that puts together tenant engagement programmes. It’s quite special to me and events like busking add colour to my day.

Tim: I enjoy that Swire tries to build a community within this area. I always go to the outdoor live music events.

Danny: I like them because it brings people together from the different offices. I appreciate the events and how much effort goes into them, and my only criticism is they don't happen often enough.

If you had a chance to join an activity organised by Swire Properties, what activity would you like it to be?

I know about the Cube Culture theatre production, so if they have another musical or drama in the future, I would audition for that.

Andy (Insurance, Devon House): Maybe something like sports or racing.

Eric (Construction, Dorset House):
Swire Properties has done a great job in engaging office workers with the arts, and I hope they keep it up. I enjoy the outdoor concerts the most because it motivates people like my co-workers who wouldn't usually take the time to relax and socialise to sit outside on the lawn. It adds a bit of balance to the workday.

Diandra: I would like to join the busking performance this year. By the time I found out about it in 2017, it was already too late.

Anshel: I love the programmes, and I'm actually part of Cube Culture, the Taikoo Place musical that will be staged at ArtisTree next year.

Danny: If there were more interactive food events that would be great. I know they already have Tong Chong Street Market, but maybe live cooking demonstrations could be fun.

Tim: I enjoy the entertainment activities, but I think it can be limiting because not everyone is going to like singing and dancing. A fitness activity, on the other hand, would be more inclusive. For example, maybe a fitness instructor from Pure conducting a yoga class at Taikoo Park.

What new things would you look forward to seeing in the area next year?

Miranda: In 2018, I hope there are more restaurants in the area. And I'd like to see more places to lounge in the public spaces as well as the completion of the pathways.

Diandra: It would be nice to have more indoor public lounging areas and maybe some more trash bins. I never know where to throw my trash when I’m walking around.

Ivy: I’d like the promotions of events and activates to be earlier and easier to spot. I would also like to see more arts activities or exhibitions.

Chan: I hope the construction would be done soon so that we can use the bridges again.

I’d also like to see more art and exhibitions. That helps to make this complex seem more than just an office space.

I hope there are more performances at ArtisTree. I was part of the abridged version of La Traviata, and I'd like to watch more shows in the space and possibly have more opportunities to perform in them. I want to see Taikoo Place as a hub for arts and performances in Hong Kong.

Eric: Because there is a strong happy-hour culture here in Taikoo Place, it would be a good idea to have more regular performances along Tong Chong Street, so people can drink and enjoy a show at the same time.

There is the Tong Chong Street Market and the White Christmas Street Fair over on this side of Taikoo Place, but there isn't anything like that on the Cityplaza side. It's lacking these types of outdoor activities that get people out and about.

Danny: In the coming year I’d like to see more lunch choices in the area and probably more art sculptures.

What type of lucky draw prizes would you want Taikoo Social to offer?

If the prizes were travel vouchers that would attract me to enter the lucky draws.

I’m not really an app user anyway, so it’s not particularly something that would interest me.

Ivy: I'd like a free gym membership as a prize.

Tasha: I’d probably check it out if they offered plane tickets.

I’ll download it if it offers plane tickets or free hotel stays.

It would be cool if Taikoo Social could offer prizes that also relate to other online mobile applications or perhaps online shopping vouchers. Just something that you can easily access while you’re already using your phone.

I’d like food-related prizes.

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