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Fresh Summer Hairdos

Summer humidity has hit our sub-tropical island city and it's causing havoc to our hair. But have no fear, top hairstylist Dior Tsoi of Salon Spectrum, who has worked for most of the fashion magazines in Hong Kong gives you a few simple tips to look fresh this summer despite the extreme weather.

Sexy, beachy waves (for longer hair)

"The attitude is effortless chic. Think casual waves in your hair that flow in the wind like Aphrodite standing on a clam. To achieve the look, wash your hair and use a hairdryer with a diffuser to create volume. Then, spritz a bit of salt water to give it texture. Take a curling iron and give just a slight twist. We want soft waves, not curls. After your hair achieves a bit of bounce spray it with salt spray again for an easy breezy look."

The natural bun (for short hair)

“If you want to get sweaty hair out of your face, a bun is your friend. It’s simple and shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to achieve. Start with a ponytail and start wrapping it around to create a bun. Hold it together with a few bobby pins. Then take some hair wax or clay and apply it around the bun until you lift up even layer of strands. This creates more texture and dimension than your regular neat bun. Finish with a hairspray to hold the style.”

Coiffed and curled (for men)

"The slick back seems to be the trend at the moment, but it's not the most texturally interesting style. If you have short hair, just use some wax or clay and carefully twist your hair up to create some light waves. If you have slightly longer hair like the model, use a curling iron and twist upward. Then apply a bit of wax to achieve the desired coif."

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