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Rain kit essentials for the stormy season

Hong Kong’s summer showers are frequent and unpredictable. Tired of showing up to work soaked from head to toe? Grab these waterproof accessories to stay dry and comfortable in any weather!

Purse Protector

We understand the fear of carrying an expensive handbag when caught in a downpour – it can leave water spots, harden the leather and fade the dye. But that shouldn’t keep you from bringing your favourite purse to work when rain is in the forecast. This handbag raincoat is designed with a Velcro closure to prevent leaks while allowing you to access the handles. It also comes in five different styles to suit different sizes and looks.

Handbag cover by The Handbag Raincoat

Smart Choice

The last thing you want on a rainy day are wet documents and water-damaged tech items, so make sure they’re well protected! Made from a water-resistant fabric, this backpack not only has a spacious main compartment but also an inside laptop pocket and a hidden phone pocket to safeguard your valuable devices from inopportune weather. A minimalist design and sleek matte finish makes it smart enough to take into any business meeting.

Waterproof backpack by Rains

Comfy and Chic

You don’t need to sacrifice style to stay dry: invest in a pair of work-appropriate rain boots as part of your rainy day wardrobe. Whether you’re going for street style or business casual, complete your outfit with these classy yet practical Chelsea ankle rubber boots. Those who spend long hours on their feet will love them for the custom-designed cushioned insole, which provides extra comfort for all-day wear.

Rain boots by Everlane

Go Green

Not only are single-use plastic umbrella covers wasteful, they also don’t do their job well, defeating the purpose of keeping your clothes and floors dry. This reusable umbrella bag, available in long and short versions, offers a simple solution without costing the environment. Its outer shell is made from a water-resistant fabric while the inside is lined with a high absorbent fibre, so you can slip your wet umbrella in without worrying about leakage.

Reusable umbrella bag by Eco-Greenergy

Keep Them Spotless

Nothing feels more unpleasant than wearing rain-soaked shoes! Zip on these reusable PVC covers to keep your favourite shoes dry and spotless even in heavy rain – simply slip them over your sneakers or dress shoes. Lightweight, foldable and convenient, tuck a pair into your bag during the rainy season so you won’t be caught off guard by the unexpected downpour.

Shoe covers by Teeo Creations

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