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Top 5 outdoor activities on the Eastside


By Siobhan Brewood-Wyatt

Now that the weather has cooled off, it’s time to dust off your outdoor gear and get active. From adrenaline-boosting pursuits like zip-lining to leisurely hiking and biking, there is plenty to get you out and about in the eastern part of Hong Kong Island. Here are five top picks to get you motivated.

Hike and BBQ on Mount Parker

Rising to over 500 metres and offering spectacular sea-meets-city views, Mount Parker is the best place to take in the scenery on the east side of the island. There are plenty of trails available, so you can pick a path to suit your ability. A popular route up is via Hong Pak Country Trail, which begins on Quarry Bay Management Centre and ends at Mount Parker Road. There are several barbecue areas along the way, perfect for cooking up a storm with friends.

Zip-lining on Tung Lung Chau
If you’re looking for an exhilarating outdoor activity, zip-lining is one to try. Hong Kong Rock Climbing Adventure runs zip lines off sea cliffs on the island of Tung Lung Chau, and it organises jam-packed days that include hiking, lunch and abseiling – perfect if you are looking for something a bit different in a beautiful, coastal location. The course includes full training and safety briefings, so it’s ideal if you are a beginner, too.

Surf in Big Wave Bay

Head south to Big Wave Bay, one of the most idyllic spots to catch some waves. Now that the summer crowds have gone, it’s the opportune time to perfect your paddling and hit the beach. If you’re keen to improve your skills or even if you’re completely new to the sport, HK Waterman is a great company to try. Founded by two experienced watersports experts, the company offers several training programmes, refresher courses and classes in the heart of southeastern Hong Kong. They also offer paddle boarding and swimming lessons.

Bootcamp at Quarry Bay Park
Start your 2018 New Year’s resolution early with a bootcamp course at Fitness Academy in Quarry Bay Park. Offering high-intensity workouts in a fun group setting, the bootcamp programme in the park is a great way to stay in shape and mix with like-minded sports fans. A unique blend of different training styles, including cardio workouts and strength-building, these park-based sessions offer a convenient option to exercise in the great outdoors without venturing too far from the urban hub. The classes are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 12:15pm. Take advantage of your lunch break to stay fit.

Paraglide off Dragon’s Back

Hong Kong has a number of approved paragliding sites and one of the most spectacular is Dragon’s Back. Popular with experienced gliders and novices alike, the area offers awe-inspiring views over Shek O and the sprawling cityscape. Visibility improves in the colder months, so it’s almost guaranteed you’ll get glorious panoramas as you glide over the eastern side of the island. Beginners and licensed gliders are both catered for with the variety of different sessions offered by Hongkong Hike'n'Fly. Just make sure you book well in advance and keep an eye on changing weather conditions. Flights take off every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. For more information about paragliding, visit website of Hong Kong Paragliding Association.

Looking for a fun weekend activity? Check out Taikoo Place’s Tong Chong Street Market here.

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