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10 Nifty Gadgets for Any Christmas Wishlist


For anyone who's looking for something a bit more singular this holiday season.

It may be the most jubilant season of the year, but you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't relate with the stresses of Christmas gift-giving. Holiday hampers and beauty sets are all well and good, but what's one to do when they're hankering for something a bit more remarkable? Whether you're on the buying or receiving end, this list of nifty gadgets offers something for everyone and every hobby. Ready the ribbons and wrapping paper; these gifts are to be a welcome addition under any tree this Christmas.

(Images from left to right)

A Camera by ALPA
For any shutterbugs you know, the Anniversary Edition camera by Alpa will also serve the purpose of recording precious Christmas memories.

A Champagne Bag by Berluti
With this Champagne Bag by Berluti X Krug, you'll never show up to any party empty-handed again.

A Telescope by Celestron
Make starry nights 100x better with the Ambassador telescope by Celestron.

A Bicycle by Montante
Have wheels, will travel, especially with this Italian-designed bicycle by Montante.

An Electric Guitar by Fender
This American Elite Telecaster Thinline electric guitar by Fender is for any rocker (aspiring or otherwise) in your life.

A set of Tops by Foreverspin
These tops by Foreverspin hail from Toronto and are a timeless gift for the child (or Inception-lover) in all of us.

A Wine System by Coravin
One can never go wrong with wine -- or this Model Two wine system by Coravin.

A Music System by Ruark Audio
This R4-30 limited edition integrated music system by Ruark Audio will be music to any audiophile's ears.

A Lighter by ST Dupont
Add some extra pizzazz to your life with this Complication lighter by ST Dupont.

A Bike by Vintage Electric Bikes
Hit the road with the Scrambler by Vintage Electric Bikes for a taste of the adventurous life.

This article was published in the Christmas supplement of the Dec 2016 issue of Hong Kong Tatler.

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