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A Bite of Inspiration: Collaborative lunchtime open rehearsals


The curtain rises and onto the stage the dancers twirl, with each spin, sway and tap coordinated perfectly to create a captivating routine. Though the act may look effortless, behind that are countless hours of rehearsals in which the performance continues to evolve and take shape. With ArtisTree Selects: Moving Pieces’ lunchtime Open Rehearsal Series, ArtisTree is giving you access to this mysterious process, so you can witness how a dance production is made, and get inspired to appreciate it from a completely different perspective through bite-sized sessions – all the while enjoying delicious refreshments. 

Featuring Norwegian dance company Panta Rei Danseteater, as well as local troupes Passoverdance and Unlock Dancing Plaza, the open rehearsals on 29 and 30 August aren’t just practice sessions for the dancers, but also a rare opportunity for you to interact with them and be a part of the creative process. As the artists experiment with different ideas during the rehearsal, your reactions give them direct feedback to fine-tune the choreography. In a sense, you are creating the masterpiece together with the artists.     

What makes this an even rarer experience is that the Norwegian company, known for their fast-paced, dynamic and colourful dance theatre productions, will for the first time collaborate with two Hong Kong-based groups each with their own character and style. “It’s an opportunity to have artistic investigations through bilateral collaborations, which allow for a more in-depth cultural exchange,” says Anne Holck Ekenes, CEO and artistic director of Panta Rei Danseteater. 

The first day of the open rehearsals will feature Passoverdance, a non-profit contemporary dance group dedicated to fostering local dance culture. In this hour-long session, the artists will explore the theme of “loneliness” through body movements. The second day, starring Unlock Dancing Plaza, a modern dance company characterised by their bold and innovative approaches to the performing art, will present a different theme. “With Unlock, the investigations are focused on how movement and choreography are developed through the use of props and physical elements,” Ekenes reveals. 

Even though the themes are set, the rest is “yet to be explored in the rehearsals”, Ekenes says. In other words, no one knows how exactly the rehearsals will go down, as both you and the dancers will be inspired and have input into these works-in-progress. One thing is for sure, though – this shared experience will create a deeper connection between you and the performers, and that’s the beauty of open rehearsals. 

8 August-28 Septmeber 
Find out more about Lullaby here and book your tickets now via Ticketflap.

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