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5 Ways to Move with ArtisTree Selects: Moving Pieces

Have you ever watched someone dance and then found yourself bopping along? Here’s a chance to indulge your inner dancer…

From 8 August to 28 September, ArtisTree Selects: Moving Pieces will bring a stunning programme of contemporary dance productions and workshops by local and international artists to ArtisTree. Whether you’re an amateur, professional, or just an impromptu dancer who always seems to catch the contagious dance bug, here are five moves you can make to fully experience the joy of this immersive festival. 

1. Move your feet
Think watching a performance means sitting in the audience while artists dance away on stage? Think again! Hong Kong-founded Hook Dance Theatre (Artistic Director: HO Ching Yu, Frankie) will open the season with the world premiere of Stay/Away, an innovative performance that closes the distance between you and the dancers. Actually, there’s no distance at all – you’ll take the stage alongside performers as you walk (or shimmy) through the space, which will be fitted with 30 kinetic objects designed by Japanese artist Yoko Seyama and original music by composer Dirk P. Haubrich. You can also interact with this ingenious installation at selected times.

2. Move your heart
Dance is an art that captures emotions in motion, so get ready to be moved by a series of original productions, beginning with Lullaby by Norwegian company Panta Rei Danseteater, an intense, theatre-style piece by three young male dancers that explores masculinity, friendship and rivalry. National Dance Company Wales then returns to ArtisTree after a sold-out performance during ArtisTree’s launch season to present two inventive works: Revellers’ Mass by Caroline Finn, which takes inspiration from iconic paintings; and Tundra by Marcos Morau, in which Russian history meets contemporary moves. 

3. Move beyond 
Move beyond the stage and into everyday life as French choreographer Yoann Bourgeois brings his unique works to the lobbies of Taikoo Place and ArtisTree. The sought-after artist’s Asian debut, Tentative Approaches to a Point of Suspension, will feature four captivating pieces: Culbuto, Dialogue, Fugue Trampo and Hourvari all combine elements of dance, theatre and circus arts. Expect to see dancers interacting with peculiar props such as a trampoline, a spinning staircase and a giant roly-poly toy…wait, is that a dancer? 

4. Move your body
Explore the distinctive works and unique dance styles of Panta Rei Danseteater from Norway, National Dance Company Wales, and renowned French choreographer Yoann Bourgeois through the three dance workshops of Moving Pieces. Professional dancers of all ages who possess relevant academic or professional training are preferred, but those with equivalent experience in contemporary dance are also welcomed.  

5. Move your gaze
Curious about how artists prepare for a performance? Move your gaze behind the scenes with Panta Rei Danseteater’s Open Rehearsal Series, featuring special appearances by local companies Passoverdance and Unlock Dancing Plaza. Or sign up for the Watch Dance Class by National Dance Company Wales, where you can observe, photograph, record or sketch the dancers as they get ready for a show. 

8 August – 28 September
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