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Learn to Dance Like Animatorium


By Siobhan Brewood-Wyatt

NDCWales’ Josef Perou shows us how to dance like Animatorium!

Think you’ve got what it takes to dance like the professionals? As part of the new ArtisTree’s opening season, National Dance Company Wales is performing Caroline Finn’s contemporary works Animatorium and Folk. To celebrate this Asian premiere, NDCWales shows us how to dance like Animatorium.

And it’s easier than you might think.

For those that consider themselves dance novices, company dancer Josef Perou has five simple steps to help you learn to dance like Animatorium. Watch the full video and then get dancing!

Five Easy Steps With Josef Perou

Step One: Stamp your right foot to one side and throw your right arm and left leg up. Catch your right arm with your left hand and drop your head.

Step Two: Drop your left foot, stand with your feet parallel and stretch your arms and chest wide.

Step Three: Step back on your left leg, lifting your arms to a stretch and raising your right leg, before dragging your left leg forward and rising up onto tiptoes.

Step Four: Throw your right arm back to hold the back of your head, then slide your arms and legs wide open to a stretch.

Step Five: Lean into the bend, arms outstretched, before returning to standing position.


Sounds easy, so why not give it a go?

Animatorium and Folk by National Dance Company Wales premiered at the new ArtisTree on June 24 2017.

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