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Give the gifts people want


By Arthur Tam

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and also the most painstaking. Putting care and thought into gifts for family, friends and co-workers can be a headache-inducing task and a matter of bad economics if you don’t actually get them something they want. Things become exponentially more challenging when it comes to office gift exchanges, too, especially when you don’t have the insight or intimate knowledge into the lives of your co-workers to make an informed guess about what they might want. To alleviate the stress, we’ve curated gifts that are fun, adorable, accessible, stylish and that generally anyone would find a pleasant surprise. You’re welcome!

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Keep Dreaming
Cath Kidston Cloud Cross Body Bag
Having your head in the clouds isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s the dreamers that make the world a more liveable and beautiful place. This whimsical, cloud-shaped bag will inspire any wearer to keep on dreaming… $490, Cath Kidston

Eco-friendly Tableware
Zuperzozial Hungry Cat Plate
Tableware is useful and the design of this plate will amuse and entertain for days to come. Best of all, it’s eco-friendly and made from biodegradable bamboo and corn. $118, Zuperzozia @ Eslite

Premium Skincare
Aesop Perception Gift Set
Stimulate someone’s olfactory senses with the uplifting scents from Aesop’s bodycare gift set, which includes a Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser (200ML), Redemption Body Scrub (180ML) and Redemption Body Balm (120ML). This is the hygiene helper anyone would appreciate. $580, Aesop

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The Squishy Companion
Liv Marshmallow Animal
Who wouldn’t want this plushy pug with a defeated look on its face? The perfect winter cuddle companion. $179, Homeless

Keep the Change
Elephant Money Bank
This cheerful-looking money bank will keep change safe and make anyone who receives it smile. $168, Homeless

Image 3, from right

Blingin’ Baubles
Turn In Wonderland Eagle Necklace and Dragon Rings
These stylish pieces are a perfect blend of masculine and feminine appeal and ideal for the upcoming party season. $1,300 (necklace), $1,040 (rings), APM Monaco

Vintage Revival
Nine Bird Frog Antiques Floral Bracelet
This pretty pink-gold bracelet can elevate the look of any outfit. The chic, classic design makes it universally appealing and easy to complement a wide range of styles. $1,680, Nine Bird Frog Antiques @ Eslite

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The Manly Messenger
Calvin Klein Engineered Crossbody Bag
This balanced messenger bag blends practicality and edginess for a modern update to any man’s look. $3,490, Calvin Klein Jeans

Slick and Ready
Reuzel Two-Set Pomade
Finding the right hair product is tricky, but this tried and tested pomade will help any man keep a slick, clean and kept look. $270, Cheung Leung Kee @ Eslite

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Keeping It Fly
Man Comb
Many gentlemen prefer a tight, clean, polished fade for a sharp, sophisticated look. And to keep the style looking fresh he’ll need this super stylish comb. $329, Cheung Leung Kee @ Eslite.

A Well-Seasoned Couple
Mr and Mrs Salt and Pepper Grinder
Everyone uses salt and pepper for seasoning, so you can’t go wrong by giving this peppy-looking set. $320, Homeless

Birds of Cocoa
Hotel Chocolat Portly Penguins
These tasty chocolate treats look almost too cute to eat and will quell any chocoholic’s sweet tooth cravings. $150, Hotel Chocolat @ Eslite

Image 6

Eco-friendly containers and utensils
Sustainability is a big topic for the world, which is also the core value of the popular Tong Chong Street Market. Join in the advocacy and include eco-friendly containers or utensils in your gift list to encourage a zero-waste lifestyle for your loved ones. You may choose from a cute Grab ‘n’ Go Reusable Bag (3L, $115) by Roll Eat for wet dishes, a Snack ’n’ Go Eco-Wrap ($75) for sandwiches, a Nisoro Square Size Collapsible Lunch Box ($140) for BBQ pork rice and use To-Go Ware Bamboo Cutlery Set ($128) to eat your tasty spread. All make great stocking stuffers. Check out the full details of the products hereSustainability Corner, Tong Chong Street Market

Directory (all at Cityplaza):
Homeless: Shop 211, tel 2110 1984, | APM Monaco: Shop 238B, tel 3104 9288, | Cath Kidston: Shop 085, tel 2715 5738, | Aesop: Shop 212, tel 2567 6232, | Calvin Klein Jeans: Shop 294, tel 2967 0840, | Eslite: Shop 074 and 144, tel 3419 1188, | Hotel Chocolat @ Eslite: | Cheung Leung Kee @ Eslite: Shop 013, tel 6643 3702, | Zuperzozia @ Eslite:

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