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Freespace for Everyone


By Siobhan Brewood-Wyatt 

Freespace at Taikoo Place brings an exciting programme of events to ArtisTree and Taikoo Place in October. In partnership with the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority, this two-week cultural extravaganza features a full schedule of music, dance, theatre, cinema and more.
“this two-week cultural extravaganza features a full schedule of music, dance, theatre, cinema and more.”

With so much on, you might not know where to start! Luckily, the variety of “happenings” means that there’s something for everyone, wherever your interests lie. 

Freespace for foodies
If you like your meal with a side of creativity, then tuck into Acrobat by David Chong. Journey through a “cultural mosaic” and experience the power of soul-searching through storytelling over a homemade meal in a cosy setting. Chong, a psychologist, chef and musician, draws you in with his recollections, musical musings and culinary skills for a most memorable evening.

Freespace for (budding) Shakespeare buffs 

I, Malvolio, Tim Crouch’s solo show, makes its latest stop at Freespace. In this hilarious and thought-provoking piece, Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is reimagined through the eyes of the play’s steward. Get ready to get involved – Crouch reworks the traditional roles of performer and audience to make you his acting counterpart. A must for theatre aficionados, and even Shakespeare newbies. 

Freespace for dance fans 

Acclaimed Australian choreographer Sue Healey presents On View: Hong Kong, which explores the concepts of seeing and being seen, through the mediums of dance, cinema and “live” portraits. Healey works with 10 Hong Kong performing artists dissect the concept of movement, language and identity.

Freespace for little ones
Human Body Parts has travelled the globe and continues to delight both young and old alike with surreal and silly movements, noises and interactions. Roaming freely around Taikoo Place, these giant human body parts are hard to miss! Brought to you by Snuff Puppets, this incredible theatre-meets-installation piece is sure to catch your little one’s eye for a high-five, a wink, and a tickle. 

Freespace for busy bees
Sneak in some culture during your lunch hour with the Film Directors’ Exhibition at ArtisTree, which features two-minute video installations by Tsang Tsui Shan, High Cho, Elysa Wendi, Chiu Chih-hua and Remu Iwai. Each mentored by Sue Healey and Maurice Lai, the directors’ films explore the themes of time, space and the individual. 

Freespace for dreamers
Luna del Ray is a myriad of live music, puppetry and visual projections. This fantastical production, set in the mid-century American Southwest, tells the story of a lonely girl who runs away from home. With beautifully mesmerizing shadow puppets and an ethereal musical score, this unusual piece is both captivating and dreamlike. 

Freespace for music lovers

A range of lunchtime and weekend concerts will take place around Taikoo Place as part of Freespace, featuring local stars plus globally acclaimed artists. GDJYB, Ama, Jim Croft, Groove Lee and Mamer are all on the bill; expect cool al fresco performances and plenty of incredible live music.  



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