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Scents and Personalities

Each morning as you get ready for work, you style your hair, put on a smart outfit – but how about your perfume? Though invisible, fragrance is also a form of self-expression, as we subconsciously associate smells with different types of people. Keep reading to find out which scents suit your personality best.

The Alpha

Are you the strong-minded, confident leader of the pack? If so, a statement-making oriental fragrance is sure to enhance your presence. Typically formulated with deep base notes such as precious woods, amber and musk, oriental perfumes stand out thanks to their rich intensity, but are also warm enough to keep you approachable. Want to make an impression? Pick a blend with dark notes like patchouli for a more down-to-earth flair, and agarwood (also known as oud) for its powerful, animalic nuances.

The Social Butterfly

For the charismatic extravert who is always full of energy, a floral fruity scent is just as vibrant, cheerful and easy to like. A classic in perfumery, this family of fragrances draws people in with airy top notes – think mandarin, grapefruit and blood orange – followed by fresh flowers to complement the social butterfly in you. The bouquet can include any flowers ranging from sweet fuchsia to heady lilies, but for a true showstopper, nothing is as charming as the rose, known for its lemony fresh and intoxicating aroma. Dab a little of your favourite rosy perfume behind and on top of your ears for better sillage, and you’ll surely steal the show.

The Gentle Soul

If you’re calm and collected, prefer solitude but also enjoy conversations with close friends, then a soft, well-balanced infusion would be an excellent match. Imagine a simple, elegant glass bottle, and inside, a perfume that smells as refreshing as its light green colour, with warm undertones gradually revealing themselves to create a perfect balance. Look out for compositions that feature contrasting accords: they may have a crisp opening with notes like petitgrain or other citrusy substances, resting on a musky, powdery base. You may also like a hint of tea – subtle, clean, and bittersweet.

The Adventurer

Do you spend much of your spare time outdoors? Not afraid to take risks and be spontaneous? Then spritz on a bold, spicy scent to fuel your next adventure! Not just kitchen staples, spices can do wonders to fragrances by setting the tone, enhancing other ingredients or adding a surprise element. Try tonka bean, a popular choice for its multifaceted aroma (some say it smells like vanilla, others love its spicy, almond-like tang). It works particularly well with rich and sweet notes like frankincense and sandalwood. Choose a long-lasting blend, or spray it on your clothes to enjoy the delicious scent all day long even when you’re out in the wild.

The Dreamer

For those of you free-spirited dreamers who are independent, creative and optimistic, a sweet jasmine melange will definitely put a smile on your face. The white flower has a distinguishable, deep yet uplifting aroma, making it a perfumers’ favourite for a wide range of fragrances. It’s also often used in aromatherapy for its de-stressing properties. For a bright, joyful jasmine blend that reflects your carefree nature, find a composition with zesty top notes like neroli and bergamot, or pair it with rose for a sensual, feminine touch.  
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