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5 Reasons Not to Miss Urban Playgrounds


What would you do if the city became a giant playground? 

French street artist L’Atlas and Austrian artist Willi Dorner will show you exactly what they would do at ArtisTree’s latest exhibition, Urban Playgrounds

Be ready for a maze of whimsical experiences designed to challenge your perspectives on urban landscapes, to be enjoyed in a way you never have before. Here are just five reasons why you won’t want to miss this extraordinary event. 

An amazing exhibition space
You won’t believe it – ArtisTree has transformed into a maze! Known for his labyrinthine artworks, L’Atlas has done his magic inside our space, turning it into a playground for all. Expect to get lost, but you will also rediscover your way – not just through the maze but also back in your own city.  

Tasty indulgences 
Who says art viewing has to be serious business? For the first time you will be able to explore the show while enjoying wine and snacks from the ArtisBar. Insider tip: book the NightPlay Pass via Ticketflap to enjoy free flow vino and canapés by Butler Luxury Caterer from 5pm to 10pm at the price of HK$380. You can also get the DayPlay Pass, available from noon to 5pm, for a combo set of one drink and four snacks for just HK$150. 

But that’s not all, track down the Urban Playgrounds ice cream truck parked at Taikoo Place on Fridays during the exhibition period for a Teemtone ice cream; the new “Rainbow” flavour created exclusively for the show is a must-try.    

Feast for the eyes
Grab your snacks and drink, then get ready to feast on a collection of travel photos by the two artists, who share the same desire to explore the world and turn each city they visit into an open-air canvas. See something you like? Buy it straight away to take home with you.

Magical sculptures 
Are they sculptures, or are they…alive? Don’t be surprised if you run into Dorner’s colourful living “sculptures” as you wander through the maze! Inspired by the contrasting relationship between human and material, the Austrian artist works with dancers, circus acrobats and performers to create these unusual artworks. Don’t miss the exclusive performances taking place at ArtisTree and all around Taikoo Place at lunchtimes during the duration of the exhibition – the last performance will take place on 9 April at 12:30pm; see programme page for more details.

A one-of-a-kind journey
With all the elements of the show complementing each other so well you might be surprised to find out that this is actually the first-ever collaboration for the duo. While their expressions of art are distinct, you will discover similarities between the two – in the way they interact and have fun with the urban landscapes and people – and perhaps you too will find yourself viewing the cities in a different way as you emerge from this multisensorial journey.

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