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Eye-catching eco-friendly utensils (all at Tong Chong Street Market!)


By Arthur Tam

It has become trendy to bring your own tote bag when grocery shopping. Not only do you save your hard-earned cents, but you’re also upping your ‘green-credentials’ by not contributing to the layer of plastic bags that blanket the earth’s surface.

Building on the trend, people are now going one step further, by using their own reusable containers and utensils when buying take out or bringing lunch. The move has other benefits too, studies have found that non-biodegradable Styrofoam boxes can leach harmful chemicals into our food. So, for the sake of our planet and our health, we’ve chosen our favourite eco-friendly containers (all available at Tong Chong Street Market’s Sustainability Corner supported by Eco-Greenergy, Be Nice to Life and GaoMadYeah), perfect for a packed lunch or a take out.

Grab ‘n’ Go Reusable Bag (3L) by Roll Eat
Grab fried noodles and rice rolls for breakfast from Jar Gor 1996 (13-15 Hoi Kwong St) and place it in the safety of your Grab ‘n’ Go Reusable Bag ($115). This eco-friendly item works well with saucy local snack food items and even soupy dishes like a delicious bowl of congee from Sheng Kee Congee (955-957 King's Rd) or a bowl of spicy shui zhu beef with potato noodles at The Red Cuisine (Shop D7, G/F, 18-22 Hoi Tai St). When you’re finished, just throw the bag into the dishwasher or hand wash with detergent. The inner layer of the bag is impermeable, BPA-free and heat resistant up to 120 degree.

Snack ’n’ Go Eco-Wrap Series by Roll Eat 
Instead of packing your sandwich in a Ziploc bag, opt for the BPA-free Snack ’n’ Go Eco-Wrap ($75). This sensibly-sized bag with manyadorable print options works well for a variety of dried goods like sandwiches or snack in pieces. Take it to Knead (18 Hoi Kwong St) for cookies to go or head over to Simplylife (G/F, Dorset House) for a salmon sandwich. When you’re finished, hand wash the bag, although it can also go in the dishwasher.

Nisoro Square Size Collapsible Lunch Box 1000ml
This colourful, collapsible lunch box ($140) saves space and is free of BPA and other toxic plasticisers. Take it to Yau Lin Roast Meat (985 King's Rd) and pack it with a tender roast pork rice; Camper’s (13 Pan Hoi St) for a fragrant curry, or head across the street to Babiya (28-30 Pan Hoi St) for some of the best Korean-fried chicken in town. The container is versatile and made from top-grade silicone so feel free to put it in the freezer and reheat food in the microwave without fear of plastic particles leaching into your food.

To-Go Ware Bamboo Cutlery Set
It’s time to chow down on all the delicious food in eco-friendly containers by using this stylish set of bamboo cutlery ($128). The set comes with chopsticks, plus a knife, fork and spoon. Each utensil is lightweight, strong and will last for many meals to come. For added convenience, you can store the utensils in a carabiner holder and clip to your bag for easy access.

All of these eco-friendly items can be purchased at Tong Chong Street Market. Intrigued? Learn more about the Market here.

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