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The winners are in: our competition to find the most creative desks


By Arthur Tam

We wanted to find the most fun, creative and well-decorated desks in Hong Kong. So we asked, and you answered. After a weeklong search, we have selected five exemplary desks that exude their own unique character and are worthy of being featured on The Mag. Here they are. 
Tell us, what inspired you to decorate your desk the way you did?

Desk to Kill (Image 1)

Lucille Choi, digital strategist (media), based in PCCW Tower, Taikoo Place
Our office was about to undergo a renovation at that time, and they were revising the layout, so there was masking tape on the floor to mark the location of the new tables. The masking tape and blank space reminded me of crime scenes where they trace the body of the dead person. So, I took a couple of minutes in between work to secretly make the cutouts with the tape and assemble after work. People who came to the office the next morning were in for a big surprise.

Phone Tower (Image 2)
Marcus Tsui, system administrator (IT), based in Kwai Fong
The Apple products were for our client, who were being a hassle, so I thought it would be a good idea to turn something stressful into something fun. It only took 10 minutes to make.

Reduce, Recyle, Inspire (Image 3)

Natalie, account clerk (catering), based in Mong Kok
I have this beautiful, out-of-date calendar sitting on my desk and thought the images were too good to be thrown away. So I used it to decorate my divider. It only took about 10 minutes to make my cubicle less dull.
The Greenery (Image 4)

Bobo, "gofer" (media), Tseung Kwan O 
Because I’m not happy at work, I just casually decided to put plants around my desk to make myself happier. I can at least have something beautiful to look at.

Toying Around (Image 5)

Miya Huang, graphic designer (advertising), Kwai Chung
I’ve always liked toys and I enjoy collecting them. So whenever I buy them I put some at home and others at work. It took about four years for the collection you currently see. From time to time I switch out a few of the pieces. Right now, I love the voice animated Pikachu set I got from a KFC in The Mainland. When work gets stressful I play with it.

What do your colleagues think of your desk?

Lucille: They thought it was cool and took photos of it. One colleague even added a bouquet of paper flower cutouts to the murder scene to honour the deceased. It’s funny how it turned into collaborative public art! 
Marcus: All of them were happy to see that and praised my creativity.
They love it. It brightens the offices and gives off good energy to take on the day.
Bobo: Everyone at work says they like my decorations.
Miya: A lot of them stop by my desk and play with the toys. Sometimes they will take pictures and post it on Facebook.

How does the decorated desk affect your mood during work?

Lucille: I did these random art projects because I was stressed at work and needed to release my creativity. The process of making it was a lot of fun.
Marcus: It makes the working environment more joyful. I support a “work hard, play hard” culture.
Natalie: It cheers me up whenever I feel tired and down because the messages on the pages are encouraging.
Bobo: It makes me a bit happier and less bored.
Miya: Being a designer is stressful and oftentimes an annoying job because you have to constantly deal with changes and requests from clients. So when I look at these toys, it really lifts my spirits and makes everything more bearable.

How well do you think your desk reflects your personality?

Lucille: Pretty well, I guess I’m that quirky person who aspires to be creative. But it also says a lot about the culture of the company and my colleagues. It is a workplace that accepts diversity and just lets me be who I am at work. 
Marcus: It reflects who I am. I’m not one to take things very seriously. I like feeling relaxed.
Natalie: It reflects my love for Hong Kong culture, bright colours and sustainability.Took something old and turned it into something new while saving money in the process. Killing two birds with one stone. I also like using old wine bottles as vases for my flowers.
I love nature and things that are plentiful and colourful. So, I take very good care of my plants. It just takes a bit of heart. Luckily there is a lot of natural sunlight in our office too.

Miya: I just really like toys, so I thought why not put them all around my desk. There’s no restriction saying I can’t.

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