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A Gentleman’s Guide to Hong Kong: The Social Spaces to be Seen In


We look at Hong Kong’s oldest, grandest and most exclusive clubs and rooms to be spotted in the city.

Have you been searching for your home away from home? An oasis of culture, a paradise of fine dining, a social sanctuary, a proxy bachelor-pad for your boy’s nights… whatever escape you’ve been seeking out, we have you covered. Forget the man-caves of the silver screen and comic books, because these eight high-society spaces are a far cry from their Neolithic counterparts. We check out the luxurious rooms and exclusive clubs you want to get into.


Kee Club
One of the most exclusive clubs in the world, Kee Club’s stunning twentieth-century-style salon offers members a place to relax away form the world. Their passion for arts and culture materialises in the form of exhibitions and live music events each month: this is a club for a gentleman with taste and time for the finer things in life. 

The China Club
Providing a haven of dining, drinking and conversation, The China Club is the company you’ve been craving to tease out your ideas and fine-tune your witty repartee. The old-world Chinese décor is a stunning backdrop to any social occasion, and their collection of over 5,000 books on China and Chinese culture means you‘ll never have a shortage of topics for the next scintillating soiree. 


The Blind Pig at Lily and Bloom
You've probably heard of the popular 1920s speakeasy bar, Lily: but did you know that they have a secret, hidden cigar room? Behind a door marked with a pig wearing an eye-patch lies a prohibition-themed private haven. The Blind Pig is cosy with wooden crate walls, dark wood paneling and luxurious leather chesterfield sofas to relax in whilst you sample their Cuban, Nicaraguan and Honduran cigars. 

With three Hong Kong locations, the renowned Davidoff cigar stores feature hidden lounges where customers can sample and enjoy their purchases. Meet with likeminded individuals in their sleek, teak paneled room, complete with comfortable sofas and a bar.


It might not be a private members club, but you’ll have to be in the know to find this hidden whiskey bar. The Victorian themed bar likes to keep things classy with exquisite cocktails, a fresh and seasonal menu, and of course, the finest whiskey money can buy.

Crown Wine Cellar
If you fancy yourself as a wine connoisseur, a savant sommelier, or just an ardent admirer of a fruity sauvignon blanc, this is the club for you. Originally built by the British Military as a weaponry bunker for World War II, the historical building now serves as an excellent wine storage facility and lavish members clubs: enjoy personalised service and your favourite vintage in one of their three club rooms.


Hong Kong Golf Club
Notoriously hard to get into, but also notoriously worth the wait, the prestigious Hong Kong Golf Club boasts four golf courses in Fanling and Deep Water Bay, a luxurious club house, and a twenty-year membership waiting list. If you love golf and don’t mind playing a round or two as a visitor, tee up and get your name on that list now.

The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club
Get your oar out to join fellow watersport enthusiasts at the renowned Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. This club values talent above anything else, so if you want in, you’ll need to be good enough in sailing and rowing to pass their high standards: but once you're in, enjoy membership benefits and a shared passion for the water at their many clubhouses.

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1. The China Club
2. Kee Club
3. Lily and Bloom
4. Stockton
5. Hong Kong Golf Club 

Original article written by Rebecca Cairns for Hong Kong Tatler.

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