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10 Ways to Play at ESKYIU PLAYKITS

If all you’ve been doing is working and not playing, it’s time to rethink your formula to success.

On 17-28 November, ArtisTree transforms into ESKYIU PLAYKITS, a 14-day exploration into the importance of play, masterminded by multi-disciplinary architects Marisa Yu and Eric Schuldenfrei of ESKYIU.

And by play, we mean in ways you never have before – many of which can help you back at your desk. Here are the 10 things not to miss at PLAYKITS, from ways to play to not-so-secret secret details not to be missed.

Sure, you can come and de-stress at a special yoga session. But by controlling the music around your own practice space, you’ll also be contributing to a soundscape experiment reminiscent of Hong Kong’s own organic soundtrack.

Yoga Challenge, 18 November

Midnight Racket
Working late? That’s no excuse – take out some stress at a midnight ping-pong match, complete with an original Playkits technological twist.

Table Tennis Challenge, 20 November

Creativity Kick-Off
Can’t come to a consensus in the office? Square off in three-sided football match and train your mind to strategise in a new way.

Three-sided Football, 22 November

What Say You?
Share your thoughts on work/play balance with C-level executives during the “When Work is Play” round-table dialogue, featuring special guests and an interactive studio set-up.

C-Suite Dialogues, 22 November, 7pm

New/Old Music
Just when you think you’re out of ideas…The Hong Kong New Music Ensemble assembles a collection of sounds from eight historical Hong Kong routes to create something completely new with the eight tones of ancient Chinese music.

Hong Kong New Music Ensemble & SoundIslands live performance, 24 November

Exclusive music performance
Join us at ArtisTree with exclusive performances by the Hong Kong musician community.

Get Crafty

Push the boundaries of your creativity and bring in your own Playkits model. We’ll exhibit it in one of the famous ArtisTree boxes to inspire others in the Taikoo Place community.

Legacy Work
Sustainability is also at the heart of Playkits. With most of the event’s structural forms made from recycled materials, Playkits’ pieces will have a life after ArtisTree – like the flooring made in collaboration with the Nike Grind initiative, which will later find a permanent home in a local school.

Not Just a Black Box
ArtisTree will take on a new look and activity every day, taking your idea of participation and playing to a whole new level – at ArtisTree, in your mind, and infused right back into your work.

17-28 November
Free admission
Registration now open; see the programme page for more details.

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