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Smart Waste Reduction Challenge

Swire Properties has launched its Smart Waste Reduction Pilot Programme, a first in Hong Kong, engaging office tenants and its own staff in a waste-reduction challenge in their workplaces. The programme has been developed in partnership with cleantech start-up company Spare-it, and is supported by the Swire Pacific Sustainable Development (SD) Fund.

Launched earlier in July 2021, the six-month challenge attracted 15 participating teams to compete against each other. The teams are drawn from tenants in seven office towers in Hong Kong managed by Swire Properties, including Atlas Air and Polar Air, Boston Consulting Group, Eversheds Sutherland,
Greater Bay Airlines, JLL, LVMH Fragrance Brands, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group and Societe Generale as well as the Company’s own offices.

Participating teams received recommendations to optimise the design and layout of their office waste bins, such as replacing individual desk-side rubbish bins with centralised collection and sorting stations. 
Smart scales have been fitted under the centralised stations that collect live waste disposal data and generate insights. Digital dashboards placed near the stations help participating teams monitor their waste reduction progress in real-time and benchmark against other teams, gamifying their collective waste reduction journey, and motivating everyone to go green!

The programme will recognise the teams that demonstrate the most outstanding progress in reducing waste as well as the most proactive employee participation. 

To fight climate change, we are all in to create a better tomorrow – sustainability we all count!

About Swire Properties’ SD 2030 Strategy
Swire Properties is committed to operating in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner across all aspects of our business. We formulated our SD 2030 Strategy in 2016 to clearly articulate our SD vision, helping us to build our SD capability and ensures that SD considerations are part of all of our operations and business decisions.

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