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GREEN FINGERTIPS: Virtual Lunch & Learn Microgreens Workshop

The workshop is fully booked. Thank you for your support!

Looking for something nutritious and easy to grow? Then Microgreens is your answer! Microgreens are the young shoots of vegetables and herbs that can be consumed 7-14 days after seeding. These tiny but nutrient-packed greens are popularly used as garnishes to enhance the flavour, texture and colour to your dishes.

Join Rooftop Republic’s virtual farm workshop on 30 July 2021 by The Loop to learn how to grow edible Microgreens at home and create healthy and delicious dishes with food pairing. Exclusive to Taikoo Place tenants, the workshop is a gratifying experience for gardening newcomers and a great lesson of learning and exploration for kids!

At the hour long workshop, you will: 
Learn how to grow popular microgreens including Alfalfa, Black Radish, Salad Burnet and Rambo Radish (each participant will receive a set of Microgreens Growing Kit by post prior to the workshop); and
Experience a food pairing recipe demo. 

Free for Taikoo Place tenants to join, the workshop will be livestreamed online and conducted in English. Quota is limited on a first come first served basis. Registration is open from now until 26 July 2021. For enquiries, please contact

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