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Corporate Wellness Challenge: Indoor Golf Tournament FAQ


About entering the tournament
Q: Why play golf for charity?
A: Your donation will go to Laureus Sport for Good, a global charity that’s uses the power of sport and physical activity to improve and support young people’s mental health and well-being. It is a great opportunity to get involved to support those in need whilst we keep ourselves active.

Q: What’s the joining criteria?
A: You must be a current Taikoo Place tenant and able to form a corporate team that consists four golfers. You can also nominate two back-up golfers for ‘switcheroo‘. Whilst there is no registration fee or minimum donation requirement, we encourage you to donate where you can.

Q: I’m not a tenant at Taikoo Place. Can I join?
A: At the moment, only golf players whose companies are based in Taikoo Place are welcome.

About the general guidelines
Q: Will we need to play on both 10 November and 11 November?
A: You’re recommended to free up both days as you will complete the full course of the tournament on 11 November which is expected to take around 3 to 4 hours, whilst 10 November will be reserved for warm-up practices.

Q: Do I need to bring my own golf clubs?
A: Each team will be provided standard men and ladies golf set. The set consists of Woods, Irons, Wedges and a Putter. You are definitely most welcome to bring your own golf clubs to play in the Tournament.

Q: Do I need to be in a proper golfing attire?
A: You can almost always wear any casual clothes you want that don’t restrict your shoulder, arm and leg movements. Choose non-reflective shoes with tread that gives you plenty of grip.

About the set up of the Tournament
Q: What is the brand of the golf simulator used at the tournament?
A: You’ll be playing on golf simulator powered by Foresight Sports - an industry-leading golf simulation used by almost all touring professional golfers.

Q: How will the game mode be set up in the simulator?
A: The below is the format of the tournament:
- Format: Scramble (4 Players on Each Team Play the Best Ball from each shot)
- Course: Pebble Beach Golf Links (Par 36)

- Holes: 9 Holes (Back Nine)

The Scramble format involves four golfers all on the same team playing together. Each team member hits a tee shot on each hole. The team captain then collectively decides which of the four balls is in the best position to play next.

Pebble Beach Golf Links has constantly been regarded as the #1 Public Golf Course in the World, a challenging course against the breathtaking backdrop of the Monterey Coast in the USA.

- Mens White Tee - 3,224 yard
- Ladies Red Tee - 2,756 yards

Course Rules and Conditions:
- Putting – Auto-putt
- Lie Penalties – Yes; for Sand, Rough and Hazards

- Pin Difficulty - Easy
- Wind - As per the real time weather forecast
- Weather - As per the real time weather forecast

Time Limit:
- Practice and Registration: 1 hour
- Tournament : 2.5 hours (all teams should target to finish 9 holes of Scramble within 2.5 hours)

Q: How are the scores calculated? What is the winning criteria?
A: The Team with the lowest aggregate score will be determined as the winner of the Tournament. In case of a tied situation, a Count-Back (comparing the total score of the last 3 holes) will determine the winner.

Q: Will I be allowed in as a spectator?
A: Absolutely. Please complete spectator registration in advance. Before entering the venue at ArtisTree, please show your QR code to staff on-site for verification. A note to add, you will be required to scan the “LeaveHomeSafe” app and our staff will conduct vaccine passport verification in one go

Q: Are there awards and prizes?
A: All corporate teams are in the run for the following awards in the Tournament, including:
- Team Champion, First-Runner Up, Second-Runner Up
- The Highest Fundraising Team Award
- Longest Drive – Male (Individual Challenge)
- Longest Drive – Female (Individual Challenge)
- Closest To The Pin (Individual Challenge)
- Best All Round
will be given out at the ending ceremony. Event official photographer(s) will be presence throughout the event to take photos and videos to capture your best moments.

About donation
Q: Where does the donation go to?
A: All money raised at the Indoor Golf Tournament will go to Laureus Sport for Good, a global charity that’s uses the power of sport and physical activity to improve and support young people’s mental health and well-being..

Q: How do I arrange donation to support my team?
To donate at the Corporate Wellness Challenge: Indoor Golf Tournament, please visit the dedicated webpage of Raisely, the donation platform selected by Laureus Sport for Good. Select the corporate team that you would like to make the online donation to, and follow the step-by-step process as guided. You will receive an acknowledgement email to confirm receipt of the fund after the successful transfer.

Q: What is Raisely

A: Raisely is a long-term supporter of Laureus Sport for Good and their selected donation platform at the Corporate Wellness Challenge: Indoor Golf Tournament. Find out more about them and what they do on their website.


Q: When can I make my donation online and can I donate after the event is over?
A: The donation period shall be between
early November until 11 November 2022. Thank you for your kind support.

About health and safety
Q: Is there any vaccination requirement for participants, including golfers and spectators?
A: All participants are required to scan the “LeaveHomeSafe” app and pass the temperature check at the entrance before admission. Any persons with a body temperature of 37.5˚C or above, wearing "compulsory quarantine" bracelets, or with Vaccine Pass holders with a Red and Amber Code will be denied entry. Face masks should be worn whilst you are inside the venue at ArtisTree.


Q: What should I do if anyone feels unwell?
A:  The first aide staff on-site will be presence throughout the course of the race day to provide immediate assistance where necessary. You are also advised to alert your team captain at once where possible.

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