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Corporate Wellness Challenge: 8-Hour Charity Spin


About entering the race
Q: Why enter spinning for charity?
A: Your every little contribution will make a difference to support Mind HK to raise awareness of mental healthcare, something that may go easily undiscovered. Raising money for charity doesn’t only benefit great causes – spinning can have a positive effect in revitalising your personal fitness too.

Q: What’s the joining criteria?
A: You must be a current Taikoo Place tenant and able to form a corporate team between 4 to 30 riders. Whilst there’s no registration fee, we encourage you to donate generously and compete to win the Highest Fundraising Team Award.

Q: How do I form a corporate team?
A: Team work makes the dream work! Representing your company, you’ll need to nominate a team leader and form a team with your colleagues comprising at least four riders, up to a maximum of 30. Your colleagues should also be based in Taikoo Place.

Q: I’m not a tenant at Taikoo Place. Can I join?
A: At the moment, only tenants whose offices are based in Taikoo Place are welcome.

Q: I want to invite a friend to join our corporate team but they don’t work at Taikoo Place. Is that allowed?
A: As much as we admire their sportsmanship, we only accept riders from the same company whose office is based in Taikoo Place.

About the rules
Q: Will we need to compete on both days?
A: You’ll be randomly assigned to race on either 4 or 5 November for one day only and you’ll be advised after reconfirming your participation. You’re recommended to free up both of those dates before you have been assigned a date.

Q: How long do I need to pedal on the day?
A: Race day is eight hours long and the goal is to spin non-stop! Each corporate team will be provided with one professional road bike for spinning. Riders can take turns and can spin for more than one time in a day.

Q: Is there awards and prizes?
A: The winning teams will be recognised in different categories including Overall Distance Completed and the Highest Fundraising Team. Grand prizes will be awarded at the end of the Challenge on 5 November 2021. Event official photographer will be arranged to take pictures/videos at the award ceremony. They’ll also be on-site throughout the course of the two days race to capture your best moments.

About the spinning
Q: What should I prepare before I race?
A: Successful entrants will be invited to a briefing session in late October 2021 to get you geared up for the day.

Q: What should I wear on the day?
A: Dress to play the part! Any sportswear that works most comfortable for you. Rock up in your company branded kit will be encouraged!

Q: What is the set up like at the venue?
A: This year’s Charity Spin will take place in our multi-purpose space ArtisTree at 1/F Cambridge House. Bringing a whole new level of experience to our past and new participants, spinners will be riding on professional road bikes that are secured stationery in a low-light immersive setting with spirited music.

Q: I’m not a rider but I want to cheer on. Can I attend?
A: Absolutely. Bring your poms-poms, selfie stick, carrot on a stick… Just bring your name card with you. Please note that crowd control measures may apply as part of COVID-19 pre-cautionary measures.


About donation
Q: Where does the donation go to?
A: All money raised at the Charity Spin will be donated to Mind HK, a Hong Kong-registered charity committed to improving awareness and understanding of mental health in Hong Kong. Find out more about what they do on their website.

Q: How do I arrange donation to support my team?
A: To donate at the Corporate Wellness Challenge: 8-Hour Charity Spin, simply select the corporate team you’d like to make your donation to on the dedicated webpage of SimplyGiving, the donation platform selected by Mind HK. Follow the step-by-step process as guided and you’ll receive an acknowledgement email for the receipt of the fund after the successful transfer.

Q: What is SimplyGiving?

A: SimplyGiving is a long-term supporter of Mind HK and their selected donation platform at the Corporate Wellness Challenge: 8-Hour Charity Spin. Find out more about them and what they do on their website.


Q: When can I make my donation online and can I donate after the Charity Spin event is over?
A: The donation period shall be between mid-October until 5pm, 5 November 2021.

About health and safety
Q: I’m not an athlete but I’m keen to join. Should I participate?
A: It’s always a good call to get active for a good cause! Whilst you could be as ambitious as you want in spinning, we’d encourage you to be mindful of yourself – bring plenty water, keep hydrated and keep up the spirit!

Q: I will need a shower after my spinning. What can I do?
A: You are welcome to use the changing facilities at PURE Fitness and Joint Dynamics on the day you’re competing. Simply request access at the front desk there.

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