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What brings people together? How are communities formed?

Designed and curated by ESKYIU, this exhibition and series of events are set to engage the wider community through architecture, art and technology, aligning with Swire Properties’ Sustainable Development 2030 Strategy. Celebrating ESKYIU's work and projects over the last decade and its future visions, the studio is creating a complex set of transformable objects that interact with participants. This project is also a series of collaborations between the performers through artefact, which will inform new ways to challenge performance. Highlight programmes include Sports Challenge; C-Suite Dialogues; Chinese Music Rediscovery. This exhibition and series of events are co-sponsored and supported by Swire Properties’ ArtisTree, cultural and community partner Nike, and ESKYIU's other cultural partners.

Sports Challenge (17 - 22 November):
Co-hosted with Nike, the event venue will transform into a different sportsground every day, participants could engage in different sports experience from yoga to football. Coaching is available in specific events.

Daily programme details as follows:
17 November (Saturday) / Circuit Training - Opening time: 9AM - 7PM
18 November (Sunday) / Yoga - Opening time: 11AM - 7PM
(*Specific sessions for parent-and-kid yoga - 12NN - 2PM)
19 November (Monday) / Running -Opening time: 7:30AM - 9AM; 12:30PM - 2PM
20 November (Tuesday) / Table Tennis - Opening time: 12PM - 1AM*
(7PM - 9PM non-public session)
21 November (Wednesday) / Basketball - Opening time: 11AM – 7PM*
(2PM - 6PM non-public sessions)
22 November (Thursday) / Football - Opening time: 11AM - 2PM*

*Each session lasts one hour

- Sports gears will be provided, please wear appropriate sportswear for the training sessions.

- Shoe trial service by Nike is provided on a first-come, first-served. Organizer reserves the final decision on shoes allocation.

C-Suite Dialogues (22 November):
A dynamic round-table dialogue event for the Taikoo Place community – themed “When work is play”, it brings together innovators and disruptors around the conversation on the unique role of play and creativity, and redefines the concept of play.

Chinese Music Rediscovery (24 - 27 November): Explore the story behind
A unique event series to advance music making, in collaboration with Hong Kong New Music ensemble (HKNME), a leading NGO in progressive music and experimental music making and live performance. With reference to “eight tones” in ancient Chinese music as the design inspiration, the event series collect sounds from 8 different chosen routes in Hong Kong based on local historical context, bringing the unique soundscape of Hong Kong into ArtisTree with the reinvented Chinese instrument GuQin, orchestrating a one-of-a-kind music performance and sound experience.

Soundislands: Pieces of Eight (2018)

24 November (Sat) /
3-5PM, 6-8PM, 9-10PM - Public Interaction with Installation
1-3PM, 5-6PM - Remote Performance
8-9PM - Live Performance

25-26 November (Sun-Mon)/ 12PM-7PM
27-28 November (Tue-Wed)/ 12PM-9PM

26 November (Mon)/ 1:15PM-1:45PM/ Guqin
Leader: KAISUN
27 November (Tue)/ 1:15-1:45PM/ E-Guqin/ Percussion
28 November (Wed)/ 6:15PM-6:45PM/ PERCUSSION

ESKYIU is a multi-disciplinary architecture studio that explores how architecture intersects with transformative cultural landscapes, media, products, print, experimental fabrication systems, educational tools and social sustainability. ESKYIU architectural practice operates in an open and collaborative environment, at various scales (product-objects to urban scale projects) working closely with different disciplines in a rigorous and sensitive manner.

- Registration is needed for all programme participation, walks-in spectators are also welcome
- The programme may subject to change without prior notice
- It may be cancelled when tropical cyclone warning signal No. 8 is in force or Black Rainstorm Warning is issued. Please refer to the website for the latest notice.

Programme enquiries:


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Pieces of Eight — 八音

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