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ArtisTree’s launches Multisensory Exhibition Urban Playgrounds

Visitors can explore the relationship between people and the city through a fun journey that brings together visual arts, photography, performing arts, and gastronomic indulgence
27 Mar 2019

Presented by Swire Properties’ ArtisTree, Urban Playgrounds is an all-new, interactive duo exhibition by French street artist L’Atlas and Austrian artist Willi Dorner, at ArtisTree from 27 March to 12 April 2019. 

Known for his labyrinthine artworks, L’Atlas has transformed ArtisTree into a maze of unusual experiences – follow in the footsteps of the two artists to discover how they turn cities into playgrounds by interacting and playing with the landscapes, locations and people. 

Through the eyes of the duo, visitors will rediscover their own way not just in the maze, but also in the cities and the lives that shape them. The programme is also designed to prompt questions in the minds of visitors as they explore and interact with the artworks: why is this here? Is it a canvas, sculpture or performance? Is it alive? These creative interactions highlight the relationship between people, the city and art. 

Pauline Foessel, Urban Playgrounds partner and founder of  We Don’t Do Flowers art consultancy said, “Urban Playgrounds is an exhibition that is meant to be explored like a game. Jump from city to city and discover the photographic works of two European artists; you will be surprised to see similarities and differences between their two practices.”  

Priscilla Li, General Manager of Taikoo Place said, “ Urban Playgrounds transforms ArtisTree into a playful space where people can interact with different art forms in a fun and immersive way. It continues our mission to make arts and culture easily accessible. People can interact with diverse forms of art found in every corner of our commercial hub, generating a positive energy that improves wellbeing and inspires conversations among Taikoo Place tenants.”

Urban Playgrounds is unlike any other usual photo exhibition; but rather, it is a multisensorial experience.

Urban Playgrounds Highlights

• Photos documenting the artists’ projects around the world at different times will adorn the walls of the maze. With this being the first collaboration between L’Atlas and Dorner, visitors can discover their distinct gazes on urban landscapes, while similarities can be drawn from the ways they explore the world and turn the cities into their own open-air canvasses. All 34 photographs on display are available for sale, with prices starting at HK$15,000. 

• Dorner’s human sculptures will come to life as they race through the maze during exclusive 30-minute performances. To understand how the artist interprets the relationship between bodies and objects, visitors are invited to follow the colourfully dressed performers through the area as they pose, intertwine and stack their bodies at different locations around Taikoo Place.

• Urban Playgrounds offers free ice creams at Taikoo Place, distributed from a designated ice cream truck on on Fridays during the exhibition period. Operated by Teemtone, a business founded by a young entrepreneur, the truck will serve a new “Rainbow” flavour, created exclusively for Urban Playgrounds. 

• ArtisTree partners with Butler Luxury Caterer to offer two special wine passes, the DayPlay Pass and the NightPlay Pass, offering delicious wines with complimentary canapés at the ArtisBar at ArtisTree. The passes can be purchased via Ticketflap.

Registration for entry to Urban Playgrounds is available on Taikoo Social.

Coming soon to ArtisTree: an all-new theatre programme (June 2019) and dance performances (August-September 2019) 

Urban Playgrounds Programme Information
Date: 27 March – 12 April 2019 
Time: 12nn–10pm (last admission at 9pm)
Venue: ArtisTree, 1/F Cambridge House, Taikoo Place, 979 King’s Road, Quarry Bay
Admission: Free admission with registration on Taikoo Social.
Remarks: The exhibition will open from 2:30pm on 28 March

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