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Swire Properties’ ArtisTree Launches Open Rehearsal Series to Bridge Arts and Audiences  

17 Jul 2018
Presented by Swire Properties’ ArtisTree, the Open Rehearsal Series kicks off this July, providing an exclusive insight into the intimate process of performing arts productions. This initiative encourages members of the Taikoo Place community and wider audiences to experience and be a part of the creation of two dance and theatre works hosted by professional artists from Hong Kong, Japan, Poland, Sweden, and Hungary.

Scheduled in July and August, each programme will have four one-hour sessions per month, with two showing excerpts of the production. It will begin with Emoto, a multi-media production created by the International Centre for Theatre Arts (CITA) in Tokyo and the local theatre company The Nonsensemakers, followed by a new dance work themed around “transformation” initiated by European dance company ilDance, as part of its biennial project titled “International Contemporary Dance Collective (iCoDaCo)”. The sessions will take place during lunchtime and happy hour, and audiences are welcome to enjoy a complimentary bespoke luxury menu created by Butler Luxury Caterer.

With this initiative, communities can play a part in the evolution of a production, with artists utilising the audience’s response in the early stages of their creative process and rehearsals.

“Arts and culture are an integral component of our placemaking efforts, and we are keen to engage and energise our communities through innovative cultural experiences,” said Babby Fung, Head of Office Marketing, Swire Properties. “ArtisTree continues to create avenues to make art more interesting and accessible to everyone, and the Open Rehearsal Series is a unique platform which we hope will inspire the public and meet our broader objective of making our communities more sustainable and creative in the long term.”

Jo Ngai, Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Nonsensemakers who is also one of the performers in Emoto said, “Rehearsing a new work in a theatre space lets us absorb the space in its totality, and adapt to the venue and modify our delivery efficiently, and it is a valuable process for us to take risks and opens up experimentations to the audiences.”

“The open rehearsal concept is an ‘opposite practice’ - as audience members can see how a new dance work is made, and they have the chance to witness the creative rapport between choreographers and performers, and also how their ideas can be transformed into narrative and movement motifs,” said Jacqueline Wong, Producer of iCoDaCo’s Hong Kong production.

Highlights of the productions:

1. CITA Theatre and The Nonsensemakers’ Emoto
Open rehearsal: 16 July (Monday) and 18 July (Wednesday), 12:45pm
Final showcase: 20 July (Friday), 12:45pm and 6:30pm

Emoto is based on the book “Water Knows the Answer” by Dr Masaru Emoto, who compiled theories on the crystallization process of water. Dr Emoto’s research found that when positive words are spoken to water, the shape of the formed crystal tends to be smooth and beautiful, and if spoken to negatively, the energy creates irregular crystals.
• This work-in-progress invites audiences to join local and Japanese artists - in a shallow pool on stage - as they contemplate the meaning of life; and uses words, physical movement, puppets, dance, music and video projections to represent life’s endless possibilities. 
• In the performance, the fox is the physical manifestation for inspiration. The fox is a mythological and intelligent icon shared by the cultures of both teams from Hong Kong and Japan.

2. A new dance work by iCoDaCo
Open rehearsal: 17 August (Friday) and 20 August (Monday), 12:45pm
Final showcase: 22 August (Wednesday), 12:45pm and 6:30pm

This production is created by the internationally renowned solo artist Mui Cheuk-yin, Joseph Lee, the only Hong Kong dance artist involved in the 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, award-winning Polish dance artist Weronika Pelczyńska, as well as choreographers from Sweden and Hungary. 
• A series of workshops led by members of iCoDaCo will complement the open rehearsals and are open to the public. Further details to be announced.  
• After the Hong Kong stop, the creative development will continue in Wales, Sweden and Hungary. The final production will debut in Poland this November, and will present a holistic representation of the different communities around the world through the dance.

• Admission is free and on a first come, first served basis; online registration details will be made available on the Taikoo Place website.

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