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Taikoo Place Ambassadors Advocate

13 Apr 2015
"Set Your Own Pace"

On 14 and 16 April, twelve Taikoo Place ambassadors will make appearances in Central and Taikoo Place during rush hour. Dressed in grey suits and carrying backpacks with a “#TaikooPlace” hashtag, the troupe will weave through business locations while performing acts themed "Set Your Own Pace". Orchestrated as part of the "Not Any Place" brand campaign, these acts invite public to rethink their workplaces and encourage a balanced pace that makes work life happier with better productivity. 

A 40-second video preview is available on the Taikoo Place Facebook fan page (
here) and YouTube channel (here). The video features Aiden Chan, the five-year-old son of local veteran music composer Chan Kwong-Wing, who travels through office lobbies with the Taikoo Place ambassadors. Aiden's appearance represents Taikoo Place’s commitment to creating a better workplace for future generation. 

Swire Properties is transforming Taikoo Place into a destination for office workers and like-minded individuals who want to work and play more enjoyably. Swire Properties has created a collection of lifestyle products that provide a sense experience of the new Taikoo Place. The special “NOT ANY PLACE” collection includes an array of products, including different scents and tastes, which come packed in air-tight containers for maximum freshness, and are labelled to promote the essence of Taikoo Place. The SMELL OF SUCCESS incense oil and ACRES OF SPACE candle, will be available for free order on the Taikoo Place website ( from 12pm on both 24 and 30 April. Products will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis while stock lasts.

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