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"Freespace at Taikoo Place" Mr and Mrs Fox

"Freespace at Taikoo Place" Mr and Mrs Fox

“A wonderful gratifying experience.” -The Age


A table of food tells eloquent stories … of celebration and conflict, of joy and tribulation, of colourful pasts and confounding presents.


Acrobat invites an intimate audience to share a communal meal, music and stories with jazz singer, psychologist and passionate cook David Chong. Born on the outskirts of Sydney to travelling Chinese acrobats, David grew up in a Confucian household in Brazil, returning to Australia as an adult, speaking Portuguese, Cantonese, and very little English. Acrobat is David’s personal tale of the contemporary cultural mosaic: a high-wire dance across continents on the sounds of Brazil and the aromas of the world. The song of a circus son.


Produced by the acclaimed Melbourne-based performance makers A for Atlas, Acrobat is an organic and interactive experience of shared food, memories and human histories. The event is part of the much-loved Dining Room Tales project and features live music by jazz guitarist Nathan Slater.



Mr and Mrs Fox


Date & Time:

1 November (Wednesday): 7:00pm

2 November (Thursday): 7:00pm

4 November (Saturday): 7:00pm

5 November (Sunday):  11:00am






150 minutes



HK$580 (Non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage will be provided. Audience will pay for the drinks that are not included in the performance’s menu.)


Creative Team & Performers 

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